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Monday, December 12, 2011

Couponing for Donations

One thing that I love since I started couponing is ability to give it away as well as keep a nice supply of things for our family.  I never imagined when I started couponing that I would actually be able to get such a supply of things for our family at such little cost.  We have so much toiletries it is amazing to me.  So I love being able to give it away and still have enough in our stockpile to last our family of 7.  My husbands gives some to a few select people at his work.  I have made up 4 gift baskets for Christmas with lots of fun stuff.  I can't wait to give those gifts this season (but I am a sucker for baskets full of fun goodies) 
Now with that being said I also love to give to those with much less than us.  I haven't been able to do it often yet, but I figure once or twice is still better than none.  My goal is for next Christmas season to be able to donate a huge pile of stuff to the fill the ambulance.  This year they mentioned they are looking for lots of toiletries.  So I want to make that my goal for next Holiday Season.  So when I got some Similac Formula coupons in the mail recently, I was hoping to be able to score a good deal on them so that I can donate more really soon.  Well with Target offering their coupons for $10.00 off ANY $50.00 purchase I put those coupons to good use. 
Here is what I got.
Here is the breakdown of what I spent.

TARGET 12/10/2011
Purina One Beyond Dog Food $6.49 ea. (x4 = $25.96)

Similac Advanced Formula $6.39 ea. (x4 = $25.56)
Total = $51.52
OOP = $6.76
Used (4) -$4.00/1 Purine One Beyond Dog Food, (4) -$5.00/1 Similac Checks from Similac. And paid with a previous $10.00 Target gift card, and got another one in return as well. So really I made $3.24 on this transaction. 
Always a good trip when you make money couponing. 

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