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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hallway desk

Today I wanted to share the desk I made, yes made all by myself.  Ok we had this small space in our house. It is by the stairs but leads to the garage door and the other side of the house.  Now saying it that way makes it seem like there isn't another way just a few steps in the other direction.  However, I do love the open space, but it was just one of those spaces that you can't really do anything with. When we first moved in I had a table there with some decorations on it.   (like this).

Then for some time after that it was the toy storage area (like this)

But I was over that one real fast.  It was a pain to always step on or over toys.  So then came PINTEREST .  What a great place for inspiration.  I was seeing so many cool ideas for organization and instantly I knew I wanted to create some kind of desk area in this space.  Well I didn't want to go out and have to spend tons of money on all kinds of wood.  I was trying to figure out the cheapest way to do this.  Then an idea came to me.  I had a few tv trays out in the shed.  BINGO!  So I got a few pieces of wood in the length I wanted.  Then a few more for some shelves and then some brackets for the shelves.  I screwed the wood onto the tv trays and then got some little L brackets and screwed them underneath the tv trays and screwed them to the wall for added support.  Painted them white with some left over white paint that we had here at home (that was here when we moved in).  And whala, an instant desk that is just the right size for this little space.  Let me tell you a little  more about it. 
Here is the view from the side by the garage door. 

Here is the view from the living room side.  (See not a huge space really)

Now down here is where I keep some of my scrapbook paper and some of the layouts that I am currently working on (currently as in layouts that I have been working on for the last year) .  The frames up there on the desk are another project I am working on for Christmas.  (note to self : get more spray paint tomorrow).

This is the view of whats hanging on the wall. I went to the dollar store and got some clipboards.  So I attatched them to the wall.  They hang all kinds of things.  School info on one, our netflix envelope I see up there, drive thru coupons... you name it, it is probably up there. 

Here is a smaller shelf for my printer and silhouette (it just sleeps here, but doesn't live here when I am using it).  Top shelf has binders with blank paper for the kids for school, photo paper, CD for burning clients photo shoots, old address book...

Up there on top is also the silhouette vinyl.

Here is where the rest of my scrapbook paper gets stored.  Up there on the desk is the kids crayon bucket and their coloring books.  

Im pretty happy with my little desk.  I may not always sit there but I do more often now that it is clean lol. 
What have you created for your home? 

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