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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Handmade Mantle

 Ok when we first moved into the house there was no mantle, just tile around it.  I kept saying I missed my old mantle (that I built at that house too, this is the only picture I could find of it).

Current house when we moved in.

So finally I just said Im doing it. Not a big plan in my mind, but somewhat of an idea. So off to Home Depot I went and bought some wood and some brackets.  Came home and cut it with my hubby's saw and went to work. 
First I screwed 3 boards to the wall.  Then I screwed on the brackets and then 2 pieces of wood on the top. 

So then I grabbed some white paint that we just happened to have out in the garage, that was here when we moved in. I already knew I wanted it white so it looked like it was all one piece with the white tile.    So I painted 2 good coats on .  LOVE it.  

Then came the fun part.  Decorating it.  I had the mirror already in that spot, but everything else I just went around the house and pulled things I thought would look great up there.  Empty frames that were waiting to be filled. Some vases that really had no spot before, some greenery and wah-la!  Love it.  I knew I couldn't wait until Christmas to be able to hang our stockings up there.  

Hope you enjoy and it ispires you to create something for your home. Id love to see what you created. 

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