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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Homemade Sushi Rolls


I thought I would share how I make homemade sushi rolls. Now I know sushi can be a variety of things and really anyone can add whatever they want in them to make them their own creation.  My husband is part Japanese, his grandmother is full Japanese.  So I love when my mother in law can teach me some recipes that I otherwise would never attempt or even think to try to make on my own.

We have a local Asian Market (a very tiny store, but still better than nothing).  But if you live close to a Marukai  (A large Japanese style grocery store) you could find everything there as well.  We have one about an hour from us, but just never am able to get down there.  It is such a cool store.  I love all the culture the store has, I almost feel like I might be in Japan when we are down there. I am hoping that next year we can make a trip down there and get stocked up on some of our favorite things like udon, and pot stickers and all the fun Japanese bowls and spoons too. 
Now onto the homemade sushi rolls.

First you will need.
Calrose Rice
Soy Sauce
Nori (the wrappers for rolling up the sushi)
Tenpura (not to be confused with tempura.  It is the brown stuff.  A packaged fish product)
Kamaboko  (the pink stuff)
Takuan (pickled radish - the yellow long thing - I only ended up using 1 of these.  So I stuck the other one in the fridge because it is pickled and the expiration date isn't until 5/2012 so it should be good until I can make these again)
Rice Wine Vinegar
Ajinimoto ( msg)

First you need to break about a dozen eggs into a bowl and add soy sauce to taste. Make sure you have enough you can taste it, but not too much that its too salty.  It really is a personal preference on this one though. 
Scramble it all together and fry it in a pan like you ar making an omelet.   
Like this . 

Meanwhile cook your rice.  I made 20 sushi rolls, so I made about 6 cups (uncooked) rice for that many rolls.  

Once the rice is fulled cooked put some in a bowl (most of it but not too much you can't stir what is in the bowl)
Now add the rice wine vinegar to the rice and mix well.  Be careful because the rice is still very hot.  Add a little sprinkle of ajinimoto as well. 

Then cut up all the other ingredients into slices.  Same with the egg. 

Now lay out all your pieces of foil for easy wrapping them up once you roll them.  Lay out a piece of Nori (shiny side down) and lay on some rice.  (I used the back of a spoon to smooth it on the Nori).  Then lay the other ingredients right on top of the rice.   

This part isn't too tricky,  but not the easiest thing ever either.  Take the side closest to you and roll it over to the other side.  Try not to overlap too much of it, but enough that it will have room to stick together.  The warm rice helps it become soft and able to roll. 

Then wrap them up in the foil and put them in the fridge.  They are so good once they are nice and cold. 

My favorite part of them is the Pickled Radish.  There is a slight sweetness to them and they have a nice crunch inside the sushi roll when you bite into them. 
This is only the second time I have ever made these, but something thtat will forever be in our family recipe book.  

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