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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Target shopping again...

Target had thier coupon out again.  Spend $50.00 and get a $10.00 target gift card back.  Well since I still had my gift card I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to use it.  This was an awesome deal I came across with the TGIFriday meals.  Here is my breakdown. 

TARGET 12/7/2011 

‎*12 TGIFriday meals. 7 boxed meals and 5 mini meals in a bag.
 $1.99 each. B3G1 Free.
$23.88 -$5.97 (for the 3 free ones in promotion).
Used 10 -$1.00/1 meal. Used (2) Target -$1.00/1 TGIFriday meals
* 2 Pampers Baby Wipes $2.39 ($4.78) used (2) -$1.00/1 target coupon
*Delimex Chicken Bowls $5.64 and Delimex Stuffed Chicken soft tacos $5.64 ($11.28). Used (2) -$2.00/1 Delimex product and a -$5.00/2 Target coupon
*Bike tube $5.99
*Mead daily planner for new year $14.99
Paid with previous $10.00 Target gift card
OOP:$22.86 and got another $10.00 Target gift card.
***like paying $12.86***
 And if you have kids you know that you can never and I mean NEVER have enough kid medicine around.  Well my little Jacob isn't feeling to well so I made sure to get into Walgreens to get their Triaminic deal.  While there, why not grab some wrapping paper, since I am completely out this year. (GASP!).  Here is my Walgreens  breakdown.

WALGREENS 12/7/2011

  1st transaction :
2 Triaminic and 2 candy.
Candy .50 each.
Triaminic 2/$10.00. Used (2) -$3.00/1 Triaminic.
Paid with a $3.00 RR . OOP :$2.78 and got back a $3.00 RR.
2nd transaction : 4 rolls of wrapping paper. $1.99 each B1G1 Free.
 Paid with RR
OOP: 1.29

I also got some bacon at Stater Brothers for a great price, but one I was able to get all that Target stuff in the freezer I had to shove the bacon in and was not about to pull everything back out just to take a picture of it. 
So anyone else finding any good coupon deals out there?  Or even just any good deals? 
I still have another Target gift card coupon and I am hoping to be able to use it on Saturday.  I think I figured out a way to only pay about $5.00 oop and get some dog food and formula (which I will donate since Chloe doesn't use that anymore)
I will make sure to share if it works out like I think it will. 

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