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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ballerina Baby Shower

Finally I am posting some fun stuff from my brother and sister in laws baby shower. 

 is for Baby and Ballerina. 
I was excited to plan and throw my brother and sister in law a baby shower at the beginning of this month.  The live in Sacramento so we don't get to see them very often and knew that the family down here would most likely not be able to make it to a shower near them. So it was a small shower, but mostly intended for the family here. 
They found out in December they were going to be having a girl. So I went with the ballerina themed shower.  Lots of pink.. such delicate shades of blush and bashful.  :)

I got tons of ideas from pinterest and some just came magically to my brain.  I love when it works in my favor for things like this. 

First I made some FUN-da-middles cupcakes. I got the yellow ones and colored them pink and darker pink (however when they cooked the shades were very close in color).

 I colored the cream cheese icing too.  I also added some raspberry flavored syrup to the icing (which in turn made them runnier and had to be kept in the fridge)

Next I made some popcorn.. lots of popcorn.  I added no butter but did add some popcorn salt, becuase really what is popcorn without salt, right?
I was out of wax paper so I layed out several sheets of foil on the kitchen table and poured all the popcorn out.  I tried to get a single layer of the popcorn so it would all get some of the chocolate it was about to have poured over itself.

Then I melted some chocolate in the microwave and colored it pink as well.  I was feeling a bit like a bottle of pepto bismol had exploded in my kitchen at this point, but it was fun still. 
After the chocolate was completely melted and the shade I wanted it, I poured it all over the popcorn. 
Since I was of course out of clear bags and was too late to go to Target, I just used brown lunch bags. I filled them about half way with the popcorn (after it completely cooled off).  The day of the shower I completely forgot to take a picture of the bag with the tags on them.  I was so caught up in everything else, darn it.

The night before the shower I did get to ice the cupcakes and left them in the fridge.  The morning of I added the toppers I made.  I just created the tags in my photo editing program on my computer and cut them out with my circle punch. I used my silhouette to cut out the scalloped circles and hot glued them all to the clear sticks I had around.  Oh and on the tutu skirt I added some fruit punch stickles to just add a litle something fun. 

 Something fun I love doing at all parties is making colored ice cubes.  I could only find a star shaped icecube tray, but it is all the same.  So I got some strawberry powerade in this perfect shade of pink and poured it in the ice trays.   After they were frozen completely I would take them out and stick them in a large zip lock bag and put that back in the freezer right away.  Then do another set.  The day of the party I poured 2 large bottles of sprite into a clear pitcher and added the ice cubes.  Way-la instant cuteness.  I do recommend adding the cubes to COLD soda so they don't melt immediately.  Then as they do melt they make the sprite a bit of a flavored sprite.  It is really good. 

I got the bottle streamers at the dollar store, but made the tissue paper flowers. 

 I created the sign for them in my editing program as well.  I used it on the food table, but they are going to use it in Lilys Ballerina themed room as well. 

We had sandwiches and pasta salad and fruit and potatoe salad.  It was all very yummy.
I also made some tiny little ballerinas as table confetti.  

Another thing I forgot to photograph is this banner hanging on the fireplace.  It is just triangles taped onto ribbon.  One is a dark shade of pink and the other is ballerina themed scrapbook paper.  She is also going to hang that in Lily's room. 
All in all it was a very simple party, but it was alot of fun.  It was great to be able to celebrate this exciting time with them.  I was also excited to give them bags and bags and bags of stuff that is too small for miss Chloe now.  See all those bags to the right of them with the boppy and the bathtub, ya all that came from Chloe.  :)
 Congrats to Matt and Amber.  I love you guys and we can't wait to meet miss Lily in April.  I can't wait to see her room with all the fun stuff I made for her too. 


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