Random Ramblings: Chloe's 2nd Birthday Party

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Chloe's 2nd Birthday Party

I am finally getting around to sharing the photos from little Miss Chloe's 2nd birthday party.  At the start of last year (yes right after she turned 1) I knew instantly that I wanted to do her party in a WINTER WONDERLAND theme in light blues, lavendars and silver colors.  Well at Christmas I found her this shirt that was light blue with snowflakes on it.  Perfect for her day.  So she got the shirt for Christmas, but didn't wear it until this day. 
(yes she has her hair spray bottle hooked to her shirt and she was so proud that she was able to figure this out)

For food we decided to make tacos, refried beans and rice.  Since I so HATE to stand there and make homemade taco shells my wonderful husband did it for me.  He also cooked all the taco meat too.  I love that he helps me out for the kids' parties.  

We also had nachos.  So I put the nacho cheese in the crock pot and let it heat itself.  Then we decided to put all the taco meat in the new roaster that my mom got us for Christmas this year. I am quickly loving this new addition to our kitchen.  I love that we can cook in it without heating up the entire house to use the oven.  And ours is big, you can make up to a 25 pound turkey in it.  So it was perfect to keep all the taco meat warm throughout the party.   

I made this 7 layer bean dip too.  Although it was more like a 5 layer bean dip.  I didn't put any onions on it, and I forgot to get stuff to make quacamole, so it was just beans, sour cream, cheese, tomatoes, and olives.  Oh well it was still very yummy. The bowls that this dip is in were perfect for the party too.  They were clear with light blue snowflakes around the middle of it.  I found those at the Dollar Store.  SCORE.

For the decorations I hung some dollar store foam snowflakes, made a birthday banner to match and hung some after Christmas clerance snowflakes on some branches I spray painted white. 
(here is my wonderful hubby cooking the meat and frying the shells)

Here is another view.  I hung the snowflakes from fishing line so it looks like they are floating, or falling snowflakes.  I could not get the branches to stand up so I took a purple blanket, wrapped them around the bottom of the branches and stuck all of that into a large clear jar I had on hand. Held them up and it was perfect. 

Jacob made this sign for everyone to see when they walked in.  Everyone got a good laugh out of it.  :) 

I was very torn on this one up until the day of the party.  It had been so warm the weeks and days leading up to her party.  I had really wanted to serve hot chocolate at her party, but not in 80 degree weather.  I knew it had been snowing last year at her party (which is rare for us here in southern California, but still cold would have been nice).  So I was very glad when we got up the morning of her party and it was cold and extremely windy.  Well ok not overly thrilled with the wind, but it made it a good day for hot chocolate. 
I put out some foam cups for everyone to get at their convience.  I also put out some flavored syrups which I love adding to my hot chocolate.  I had caramel and raspberry.  I also put out some whipped topping in a can.  Because really what is a good cup of hot chocolate without extra whip on top.  I just grabbed a large can of hot chocolate instead of the box of packets and made a large batch on the stove.  If I had another crock pot on hand I would have made it and kept it warm in there.  Also instead of doing all milk, or all water for the mix I did half and half and it was the perfect blend of creaminess. 

Ok really this picture shows alot of dirt on our back french doors.  UGH!  Guess that one needs a real deep cleaning in the immediate future for sure.  Im thinking brillo pads for this one. 
Since they were french doors and we don't have any blinds or curtains on them it was hard to take a picture of the full banner.  So I got this close up. I just alternated the pennants in light blue and purple.  Then with my silhouette I cut out white snowflakes and when my friend Coree came over the week before she cut out tons of light blue and purple mini snowflakes with a punch for me.  So I just randomly glued them to the pennants.  Then I cut out HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHLOE in silver to add to each one as well. I then glued them in order to fishing line again and it was really that simple. 
She got lots of presents all wrapped up in pinks and purples. 
It was mostly immediate family and some friends for the party. Some came early, some came late and some came even later.  I love it though that everyone was able to make it when they did.  I love having family and friends over and just to enjoy the day, special occasion or not.

My mother in law is my own personal cake maker.  She makes beautiful cakes and they are so good too.  She makes everything from scratch and they are amazing. I love that she makes them for us. 
 And miss Chloe loves cake too. 

I wasn't sure how many people were coming to the party so I decided to make some cupcakes too.  I had made some cupcake toppers for them just to add more decorations to match the theme. 
Now I am not going to lie, these little cupcakes might look all fancy, but I assure you they are not. I did my little cupcake decorating from icing in a can. YEP light blue icing in a can, that would only decorate 12 cupcakes it said AND to top it off I paid about $4.50 for the darn can too.  I know.. and I didn't even have a coupon for it.. Oh the shame...  But I don't own icing tips or anything so it was the next best thing.  I also got the little white sprinkles for added cuteness. 

Here they are now all prettied up with the cupcake toppers I made.
I just used a circle punch to cut out a silver circle, used a smaller scalloped circle punch in purple.  I cut out more white snowflakes and glued it all together.  Then I went through my rhinestone collection and found one clear one and some light blue ones. Perfect touch to the center of these.  Then I just glue dotted them onto a clear food pick and wah-lah!

Here is a close up of the cupcake toppers.  

It was a great day as always. I love having everyone over to our house for a good time.  The food is always good and the company is even better.  After all the party activities, we all relaxed and the guys all played some games of pool and had a great time. 

Now the next party to plan is little Jacob's 7th birthday party. I think last week we finally decided on his theme.  I found a ton of cute ideas for a monster party.  I can't wait to get started on that one..which I need to do NOW. I think I will share some of the cute ideas I have found with you this week. 
What is the last party theme you had? 

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  1. Oh, these are so cute pictures from Chloe’s second birthday. It was great seeing those table arrangements and over the table hanging décor pictures. I am sure everyone had wonderful time over there. I have also been finding some outdoor Los Angeles venues for our son’s 7th birthday bash. Need a spacious location as it is a football themed party. Do you have any recommendations?