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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{mantooth 365} - my project life

So this is the 3rd year I am attmepting PROJECT LIFE
I kept falling behind.  Last year I got further but am determined to finish it this year. I have the PL album already that I got on amazon last year for a great price since it was not the current design.
So no excuses this year.. I AM going to try my hardest to get through it this year. 
I just love that it captures little tidbits from our family's day to day that doesn't always make it into a scrapbook page.  Well since I never find the time to scrapbook nearly as much as I would like anymore it helps me remember the little things as well. 

So I am calling mine {mantooth365}

I thought I would share what I have so far. 

{mantooth365} - January 2012
Jacob had to work tonight so he wouldn't be home with us at midnight. So we went to him. I put the kids to bed at normal time, then after he left for work we went out there. We had popcorn and sparkling cider while we were out there. When we got home the kids wanted to sleep in bed with me. So we had a little slumber party in our bed for the night.
Tonight Jacob brought the unused tv in from the garage. He set it up in the corner of the family room, out of the way. Then he hooked up the kids' old VTECH video game for them to use. This way they have their own games to play now. They love it.
This was daddy's first night home from working graveyard shift. The kids are always so excited when he is home at night. It all started when Caleb was chasing daddy around the kitchen and hallway. Then Chloe got started and it turned into a wrestling match on the family room floor. That soon turned into a pillow fight and daddy was even using the couch cushions. Mommy tried to get in there too, but was easily beaten up by all the kiddos. It was alot of fun, and wore me out completely.

We came down to Bass Pro Shop so Jacob could use his gift card he got for Christmas. We always have such a good time down there just looking around at all the cool stuff in the store. The way the store is decorated is just amazing. The kids love riding the elevator to see all the fish in the water. It was a fun day.
This afternoon while playing in the backyard Jacob fell and hurt himself. He kicked the football, his feet came out from under him and he fell really hard on his hip. Since having his hip surgery 2 years ago we were a bit conserned. At first we thought he would just be ok with some rest, but he wasn't getting any better so I had to take him to the ER finally. After waiting there for 6 hours and 40 minutes they saw us for 5 minutes and told us that nothing was broken and we could go home with some pain medicine for him. Hopefully he has a fast recovery, daddy and I both hate seeing him in pain.

This is my trusty coupon binder. I never leave home without it. It is all cleaned out and organized to help save us some big bucks this coming year.

This has become one of my new favorite snacks. It is a few differnt trail mix type things that I mixed all together. I got them each at Winco in the bulk section and then just pour them all into a bowl and enjoy. Each kind has a few differnt things, all of which I really like.

Today was the day for Matt and Amberley's baby shower at our house. I knew when we found out they were expecting that I at least wanted to throw them a family baby shower for all of us family down here. The day was very nice and they got alot of great stuff, including tons of stuff from Chloe. I am so excited for them I can't wait to meet Lily.

Laundry... not something I love doing at all. I have gotten MUCH MUCH better this past year about not letting it pile up too high once it is washed. Now I am trying to be very good about folding it almost as soon as it comes out of the dryer. It seems like this year already it has become my routine to fold it first thing in the morning and get it put away right away. Hope I can stick to this routine.

Oh little Chloe. Full of mischief just like her brother Caleb. I have no idea what she was doing, but she climbed under her tinkerbell table and pulled the chairs in on her. She thought it was pretty funny. She cracks me up. She is becoming one little independent little girl.

It all started last year around this time. The boys had gotten some Legos for Christmas and ever since they have just been nuts for legos. We have several sets and now I need to get a bucket of some kind just to hold all the tiny little pieces. Chloe loves to build stuff now too. They are finally starting to get the hang of just building random stuff with all the pieces and not always having to follow some plan that comes with them. This little fireman guy is their favorite by far.

This is all I have uploaded and journaled so far, but I am not behind at taking my photos.  So I am on track so far. 

Are you doing any form of project life this year?  I have seen people do it so many creative ways.  Some do a photo a week, or month, or just random photos each month to sum up that month.  Some do it as a way to document a babys first year or the first year of a married couple.  All of which are great ideas.  I wish I would have done that for each of my kids for their first year.  What an amazing thing that would be to look back on when they get older. 

If I get a chance this afternoon I am going to update my albums for this and get the journaling with the pictures. 


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