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Friday, January 20, 2012

more {mantooth365}

{m a n t o o t h 3 6 5}   j a n u a r y 2 0 1 2

This little girl cracks me up. Today she decided to put her toast on the kitchen floor and lick the jelly off. I think she learns funny things like this from her mischievious brother Caleb.
Tax season is upon us once again. We have been going to the same tax guys for years. He knows us well. We drop off Jacob's W-2's and he does them within a day and calls us with the results. This year Jacob changed his deductions so we get more throughout the year, which benefits us much more.
Mr Caleb is our sneeky little kiddo. He loves to get back up at night and come sit with us. He says I just love you guys. He usually does something to try to get to stay up, like try to sweep or rub my feet. Tonight he just wanted to eat popcorn and watch a movie on the laptop with us. He didn't last too long though, he was sound asleep shortly after this.
Sunday morning coupon cutting. The boys are always wanting to help me so today I gave them some coupons I wouldn't be needing and let them go to town with the scissors.
One of my favorite things ever is a family night. The babies have been begging for popcorn so tonight Jacob made them some jiffy pop and they thought it was so cool. He also made some in the popcorn machine and they loved that just as much. After this we all snuggled up on the couch (minus Ryan and Marcus because I guess they are too cool for that or something) and put Scooby-Doo on and we all ate popcorn and watched the movie. I ♥ nights like this so much.
For Christmas the 3 littles ones got handmade toy boxes from Grandpa Jim. So today we moved out the huge mess out of their closet, put 2 toyboxes in there and organized them all. We went through every single toy and got rid of all old and broken toys. Now they are all organized and thier room is looking so good. Now if it will only stay that way will be a miracle in itself.
This was tonight at bed time. I love that little Jacob can now read the bed time story to me, Caleb and Chloe each night. He is such a great reader and it is so exciting to hear him read to us and get excited when he does it. Caleb and Chloe love sitting there listening to him read to us.


  1. Looks like lots of fun is going on in your home! Your son is one smart cookie trying to offer up foot rubs and sweet words in exchange for staying up late!

    Oh taxes I get nervous every year. Doing taxes when you own your own business is not fun!

    That popcorn is the BEST!

    Kendra :)

  2. Thanks Kendra.

    Oh yes he is full of mischief for sure. :-}

    Ya taxes can be no fun that is for sure.

    OMG that popcorn was so yummy. I was going to try to make some as favors for my daughters 2nd birthday party we had yesterday and just ran completely out of time. Maybe for my sons 7th birthday party next month... any excuse will work for me lol.