Random Ramblings: My ever growing list of "DIY" projects

Monday, January 16, 2012

My ever growing list of "DIY" projects

I swear everytime I turn around I thing of another DIY project I want to do around the house.  I have sat down so many times to write them all out and just have yet to complete the list.  So today I am just going to sit here and type it all out until it is done.  My goal is to then link each item to the project as I complete them and see how many can get done by the end of the year.  I am already behind, but this year has started out being pretty busy.  Between planning the baby shower for my brother and sister in law and then miss Chloes' 2nd birthday party for this coming weekend..there is no time to rest. 

So here goes with my ever growing list of to dos around the house... 


plant grass
cut back bushes
rocks on left side yard
plant some flowers in the planter
hanging flower baskets in porch
table and chairs on porch
welcome sign on front door
change light bulbs in garge lights
planter out in front of grass by sidewalk
planter boxes under window on front porch


drop cloth curtains on all 3 large windows
redo black cabinet accesories
organize toys under pool table
re hang up pool stick rack
cushion for bench under front window
shelf unit in small spot by front door / between window
maybe move bench out of that room
paint grandma rigdons cabinet
clean out cabinet - use for tablecloths


shelves on side of cabinet for cookbooks
rug under table
paint cabinets white (depends if owners would allow us)
fix shelf above sink window
curtain/valance over sink window
chairs for table
curtains for french door windows
labels on glass jars
get more glass jars for counter and fill them and label them
fix shelf over sink


new curtains for window - drop cloth ones
make a wall hanging wood growth chart
colored pillows for couch
paint dresser tv is on
OR get a new tv stand
move toy box out of here
paint salvation army table/desk black
paint home sign turqouise
paint other table behind couch turqouise
fill empty picture frames with photos
move black and white baskets off of bookcase
candle on candle stick in corner
add turqouise flowers to green flower and stick arrangement
change black and white photos in black frames by window


paint walls
add boards to under shelf I built
paint shelf I built
make laundry sign
decorate shelf - soap in clear jar etc...
rug on floor


remove ugly wallpaper border on top of wall
hand towels
new mirror?
add boards to bottom half of wall under wood
do something with stockpile in there
build shelves behind door wall
take out bakers rack


get 2 more matching frames at Joanns
add black and white photo of each of the kids in frames
paint banister black
move trunk from top of stairs - into our room
metal stars on small spot under railing


new curtains - ruffle ones made with sheets
hang curtain rod higher on wall above window
add slats to bottom half of wall
paint bottom half of wall white
remove wallpaper border
new comforter
decorative pillows
new pillows for sleeping
paint furniture
fill empty frames with photos
frames by door put wedding pictures in
decorations over the bed
paint lamps
new lamp shades?


rug in middle
maybe a big ottoman in middle
shower curtain/curtains over tub
curtains for small window
frosted glass on shower doors
molding to frame mirror - painted dark brown
paint cabinets dark brown
add molding around closet to frame it too
paint jar lids on counter
wreath for mirror - hanging from lights
paint light fixture
new light bulbs
decorative greenery on top shelf between bathroom and bedroom
rug and toilet seat cover in toilet room
wall decorations in toilet room - thinking shelves and stars
curtain on window in toilet room
small cabinet in entry between bathroom and bedroom - fill with towels
some kind of baskets on wall between mirror and window for body sprays
toothbrush holders on counter


bunkbed for boys
daybed for Chloe
book holder behind the door
new comforters and sheets for beds
new curtains
move dresser in closet maybe
tv stand
organize toys in closet


new shower curtain
some kind of decorations
add some color
new towels
toothbrush holders
frame out the mirror with molding
new lightbulbs


brick walkway to back planter
plant veggies in planter
fence for planter to keep dogs out
fix brick wall
pull out dead bushes in planters
plant some flowers - maybe rose bushes under window
table and chairs


fix my old cradle and paint for Chloe for her dolls
add cushion to doll cradle
paint salvation army mirror and find it a home
finish Chloe's owl crocheted beanie
work on kids' tshirt quilts

Makes me want to start on my list today :)  But I do have one thing to cross off my list.  Nothing big but last weekend before the baby shower my wonderful hubby trimmed the front bushes for me.  Hey it isn't a big project but it is a start.  I have no pictures of this project so it will just get a line through it.
Do you have any home projects you are working on this year?  I would love to see what they are. 


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