Saturday, January 7, 2012


Sometimes things in life happen that are completely unexpected and are a real downer. 
*** Ok here is a little back story information, our little guy here is Jacob.  He was born on February 16, 2005 at Loma Linda Hospital.  When I was pregnant they told me that he was going to be born with extra fluid in his brain.  The said he would need a shunt put in as soon as he was born.  And if he wasn't "retarted" (yes that is what the doctor said... but we just won't get into that one because he also told me we should consider our options for ending the pregnancy) then he would be very slow and years behind normal kids his age.  Well he was born with NONE of those issues what so ever.  However he was born with a few others.  He had PDA , which basically means the opening by the heart never closed as it is supose to.  Therefore, it puts too much blood in the lungs. His little body had to work so hard to pump all that extra blood out of his lungs. So it was like his body was doing cardio excersize 24 hours a day 7 days a week. So at 21 months they had to close that. He had some other issues and he spent several times in the hospital.  When he was born he also had a foot issue.  His left ankle bone wasn't long enough, so he foot was turned in.  We were told he would probably not ever learn to walk on it.  So as he got older and grew he learned not only to walk on it, but run and get along just fine.  If you dind't know him you would never have known.  Well they put him in foot braces and all kinds of things.  Then we started seeing a wonderful Dr at Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles.   Dr Kay was great.  They tried several different things and finally at almost 5 years old in November 2009 he had ankle and double hip surgery.  Because he learned to walk on the inside ball bone of his foot and ankle his hips started to become unaligned.  So they put a screw in his ankle and had to saw off his hip bones and twist them forward and hold them in place with metal brackets.
Here he is after the surgery.  ***

Now fast forward to current days.  He fell at school a few weeks ago and hurt his hip.  He was fine after laying down and resting in the nurses office for some time. 
Then yesterday came.  He went out in the backyard, which is totally normal for him.  He was kicking around the football and I guess his legs came out from under him and he fell smack dab on the hard dirt right on his hip again.  Well this time he couldn't move. I went up to take a shower and I thought I heard him crying.  I looked out the window and he was just laying there crying .  I called for Jacob to go check on him.  He ran out there and had to carry him inside.  Little Jacob was crying that it hurt to bad to move. Well at first we figured he was just sore again and needed to lay down and rest for a bit.  Several hours later he still couldn't move and was crying very badly that he was in alot of pain.  One thing about our tough little guy too is that he rarely complains of pain.  He is such a trooper.  So we knew something had to be wrong.  So first I called our new HORRID insurance to make sure I could take him to the ER. They said yes.  So since daddy Jacob was now at work, I left Caleb and Chloe with Ryan and Marcus and loaded Jacob up in the car and off to the ER we went.  I checked in at 4:30pm.  They trriaged us right away and he of course got some x-rays done. 

Now let me tell you we waited there....
 Saw some excitement in the parking lot.  They brought in someone in a helicopter along with an ambulance and firetruck.  It was so loud Jacob had to check it out. 

and waited some more.... 6 HOURS AND 40 MINUTES we were there.  OMG I was livid by the time we left.  I yelled at several people.  It was just insane. 
Then we waited there all that time for the ER doctor to come in say nothing is broken or fractured go home put some ice on it and give him some of this tylenol with codine and be on your way. WOW seriously.  But I was thinking at least nothing is sprained or broken, because my honest thought was that he dislocated it or something worse. 
So we got home at about 11:30 last night. 
However today he is doing NO better than yesterday.  We filled his prescription and have been giving it to him about every 4 hours.  He has a hard time bending that leg, and won't put any pressure on it at all.  Monday morning I am going to call the orthopedic doctor and see what he has to say about it.  After his bath tonight he just cried and cried that it hurt so much. 
Now I am a crier (thanks mom!), but when it comes to things like this I am so calm usually when I am infront of the kids, then I loose it when they aren't looking.  Tonight the same thing happened. I finished helping him get dressed and he gave him his meds again and covered him up. I put on Shrek for him in our room, so he could just lay there in our bed and relax.  I went into the bathroom and just cried for him.  He looks so sad.  I know he is so frustrated with not being able to just get up and run around, but now has to have help to even go to the bathroom.  My mommy heart just broke for him that I couldn't take the pain away for him. So he is now sleeping in our room on his own mattress on our bedroom floor at the end of our bed.  He was so afraid last night that he would need me and couldn't get up out of his bed in his own room. How could I say no to that reasoning. 
This little man is amazing to me.  He has been through SO much in his little life and has such a great smile through it all.  He just takes what is handed to him and is ok with it.  He never asks why me, or even complains about having to wear his footbrace or asks why things like that are different on him. He takes it all in total stride.  I believe there are great things in store for this little guy. 

(photo : finally once we made it back to a bed to be seen for 2 minutes)

So now my focus has been shifted.  I have so much to do including a photo shoot tomorrow afternoon and getting ready for my brother and sister in laws baby shower on Sunday at my house.  But our main focus is getting this little guys back to feeling better. 
So I will be back soon with some baby shower craftiness and also share some {MANTOOTH 365} photos with you.  (gee, can anyone guess what yesterdays photo is going to be )


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