Random Ramblings: Wood Growth Chart

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Wood Growth Chart

Oh pinterest how you have done it again to me.  Inspired me to make something. 
Funny thing though... this time I actually COMPLETED a project I pinned on there.  :)  I have boards full of inspiration just dying for me to try.  Well this one was super easy and super cheap. 

Here are a few of the ones on pinterest I saw and fell in love with.  This wood one I had seen but didn't pin until today for some reason.  (I think I sometimes get excited to click on the picture and check out the blog it came from, then I forget to pin it)
This one came from HERE

This one came from HERE

The first one is a wood version and the second one is cloth or fabric I am assuming.  I knew right away that I liked the wood one so much more and that was the route I wanted to go.
So I had been thinking about it alot lately and finally the other night we took a trip to Home Depot so I could get some wood. 
Well for $2.09 I got a fence board.  It was cheaper than a piece of wood the same size.  Cheaper is ALWAYS a good thing. 
So we got that, and a few other things for another project that I want to work on this week.
Well when we got home we had no stain so since I am impatient I couldn't wait to go pick some up.  So I thought of a solution. 

and of course of all days I want to work on it, it is actually raining and cold here in Southern California.
So I layed out some newspaper across the kitchen table and set the wood on it.
I got out some paints and plastic cups.  I figured stain is sort of like watered down paint..so why not try it myself.  So I had antique white, brown and black.  I poured some in a cup and added water.  Then I would paint it on the board and wipe it off with a paper towel.  I mixed it all around.  Then I thought it was turning out to grey because I had used too much black and white.  So I flipped it over and ended up liking that side less and really liked the first side once it started to dry. 
So once I was finished I set it up to dry and got to work with my silhouette.  I cut out numbers 1-6 and then some lines.  I cut the longest lines at 2 inches, then an inch and a half and an inch.  So now I had 3 different sized lines.  I took my husbands tape measure, attatched it to the end of the board and marked every quarter inch, half inch and inch.  Then I glued on the lines and numbers to where I had them marked. 

After that I just nailed it right to the wall I wanted it on. 

I made the kids get measured right away too. 
We still have to measure daddy and Ryan, but we can do that today hopefully. 

I think I did want it a bit more brownish in color, but I do still really love how it turned out.  Now no matter where we live, we can take the kids measurements with us, instead of it being stuck on a wall somewhere that we no longer live at. 
I think this would be an awesome thing that could get passed down from different generations as well.  I made sure to date it when I measured them as well.  So how cool would it be in 50 years to have other little ones on there, to compare them to. 

Now I can't wait to figure out which pinterest project I want to do next. 
Have you made alot of your pinterest projects?  How do you record your childs growth?


  1. I've been looking for a good height chart project, myself; yours looks great!

  2. Thank you. It was very easy too. Would love to see if you make it too.