Random Ramblings: Happy Birthday little Jacob

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Birthday little Jacob

I cannot even believe that ‎7 years ago tonight I was preparing to meet our little man Jacob. We had to be at Loma Linda at 5AM. I can not even believe that he is going to be 7 tomorrow. He is growing into quite a little man. He is so smart, loves to read and spells EVERYTHING. He will ask me for a glass of water and say "Mom, can I have a g-l-a-s-s of w-a-t-e-r. He loves to sit and write just random words all over anything that he can. I ♥ him so much. He is such a tropper when it comes to all the things hes been through in his little life.
He is such a good brother.  He got $40.00 for his birthday on Saturday.  So Sunday I took him to Walmart to pick out something.  He spent $20.00 on himself a remote control quad, and bought Caleb one too.  Then he spent another $2.00 on a doll for Chloe.  (I pitched in the extra few bucks).  He would have gotten Ryan and Marcus something had he had more money and even said he wanted to buy me and daddy something too.  What a sweetie to not just think of himself.  That made me one proud momma! 
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACOB!!!  Mommy and Daddy love you so much and are so very proud of the big boy you are becoming. 

Tomorrow evening we are off to Las Vegas.  I am so excited!!  It is not a big trip or anything, but I am just so excited to get out of town for a day or two.  Our hotel room is booked for Thursday night, but we said we can stay another night if we are feeling up to it.  So I packed us all for an extra night just in case.  I am usually such a planner and have to know the exact plan.  But Jacob is a definate go with the flow kind of guy.  I love that abot him.  So I look forward to just being able to go with the flow and stay or not we will just see. 

I CANNOT wait to try out my new camera in Vegas. I know there is just so much to soak up with the camera. 

Have a great weekend everyone, I know we will! 

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