Random Ramblings: Kitchen sign

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kitchen sign

Last year I went to the Salvation Army and came home with all these goodies.  I loved the white cups for the kids, for icecream.  The green and turqouise jars were for the kitchen, since those are my accent colors in there.  The candle holder I loved, but is now broken.  The swim shorts were for the boys and they loved them. 
What about the picture you ask... Well I loved the chunky frame, but did not love the picture.  I mean it was a nice picture, but just not for me.  So I bought it anyways since it was only $1.00 I believe.  Maybe $2 at the most.  I wasn't exactly sure what I would do with it, but knew for that cheap price I could find something to do with it.
And I sure did.  I spray painted the entire thing black.  The canvas and all.  A few coats of glossy black spray paint.  Quick and easy.
Then I cut out a design with my silhouette and glued it on the canvas area. I cut all the letters out in white.  As you can see here in the picture the word HEART is spelled out. But I knew when I started the project that I wanted an actual heart shape there.  So in the silhouette software I opened up the heart shape and made it just big enough to cover the word and still fit inside the design.  I cut the heart shape out of turqouise paper to match the colors in the kitchen. 
To make sure it all was straight and aligned correctly I layed out the paper it came from and glued them right on inside each cut out spot.  Worked great that way. 
And this is the final result. I love it as an accent for the kitchen.
Its been moved around a few times from wall to shelf and to a differnt wall.  I have it now
hanging about the entry doorway into the dining room.  I love it very much. 

Have you made some home decor projects?  Feel free to share. 


  1. As soon as I saw this I looked up at the $5 kitchen clock filling the space over our pass-through and thought "that's what I need!" Thanks for sharing!

    1. You are very welcome. I am glad you found just what you need. You will have to share yours so I can see when you are done with it. :)