Random Ramblings: Pizza, chips, and lots of sodas

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pizza, chips, and lots of sodas

I got a chance to run to Target tonight and pick up a few things.  I was super excited to find this score on the sodas.  I am really thinking I might go back and grab a few more.  I didn't find the free Iams dog food I was looking for either so I might go to the Target closer to me tomorrow just to see if they have it. 
Here is the breakdown of everything that I got. 

TARGET 02.01.2012
OOP : $105.07
SAVED : $49.00

{not shown5 pairs of clearanced underwear I got myself and a 20 pound bag of dog food and a 20 gallon bucket for the dog food}
Franks Red Hot $1.89 each
*used -.75c/1 makes them $1.14 each
Bud Light $12.29 and Doritos $2.50
*used -$2.00/1 Doritos if you buy an 18pk or larger beer
(found on the beer)
... made chips .50c
3 Diet Pepsi 6pk plastic bottles
3 Pepsi 6pk plastic bottles $2.50 each (x6 = $$15.00)
*used 3 -$2.00/2 pepsi bottled mutlipacks -$6.00)
made each 6pk $1.50 so total of $9.00 for all those
3 2 Liter Pepsi $1.00each
Milk $3.29 - just needed it
Market Pantry Cheese $2.59
*used 3 -$1.00/1 MP cheese makes them $1.59 each
4 Digiorno Pizzas 2/$9.00
*used 2 -$2.00/2 makes them 2/$7.00 or $3.50 each
Breathright stips $4.79
*used a FREE Target catalina
MP garlic Bread $1.89 and Pasta $1.09
*used a -$1.00 wyb garlic bread and pasta
3 tri color pasta $1.09 each
*used -$1.00/3 MP pasta
Marie Callendars microwavable pies $1.99
*used 3 -.50c/1 manfac coupon and a Target -$1.50/3 MC

So overall a pretty good trip. Got alot of good stuff.
Have you done any coupon shopping lately?  What deals have you found.  I would love to see what you got. 


  1. It looks like you are all stocked up and ready for Superbowl weekend. Mmmm...munchies!

  2. Funny thing is we have no plans to really watch it lol. :)