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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Potatoe Soup

Since we live in Southern California, the weather is rarely "cold".  If you go  by California cold, it still isn't that cold.  Especially lately it is more like spring weather than winter.  However, yesterday we did have a good overcast, cloudy day. It was so nice.  I would really like a few more of those soon.  Actually I would love a day like that with some added down pour.  I love days like that where you can stay in all day, do something crafty, or better yet bundle up with the kids on the couch and watch movies all day. 
Yesterday was nice. 
So in honor of our one day of cold weather (because today is back to beautiful outside) I thought I would share a great cold weather recipe. 
When I was growing up I was never a soup girl, but as I get older I have grown to appreciate a good soup, especially on a cold day. 
This potatoe soup recipe is so easy. 

(please note that this recipe isn't done with exact measurements so you be the judge of your own soup)

10-12 good sized potatoes - peeled and chopped up into bite size pieces
6 hot links
shredded cheese

1.  Boil the potatoes
2.  After they are boiled to almost mashed potatoe like consistency add some milk. Start with a little and add more as you mix.
3.  Mix it up so it is almost like mashed potatoes. 
You want some chuncks of potatoes in there but not solid potatoes because then it would be potaote salad.
4. Add the diced up hot links.  (I cut ours in half and in half the other direction as well)
5.  Add salt and peper to taste, add 2 handfuls of shredded cheese. 
6. Mix well.
Simmer for a bit longer on top of the stove. 

Enjoy a big bowl of it. 
I haven't tried it, but I am thinking you could add all the ingredients into a crock pot after you boil the pototoes and let it all cook for most of the afternoon. 

The next day if it is a bit thick, just add a little milk and it should become creamy again. 

This would be good also with some grilled cheese bread.  YUM.
Man I am making myself hungry now.  I think tonight is a leftover night. 

Do you have any cold weather recipes?  I would love for you to share.  I always love a great new recipe. 

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