Random Ramblings: March 2012

Saturday, March 31, 2012


Just wanted to share a peek at some pictures I recently got to take.  This was my first shoot like this and I am so excited with how they came out. It was alot of fun and we had a good time chatting through the session.

Thanks for checking them out. 

Friday, March 30, 2012

Las Vegas... Hotels and Buildings

One thing I think everyone knows for sure about Las Vegas is there is no lack of cool things to look at. 
I love all the detail and beauty of so many of the hotels and buildings.  I thought I would share some shots of some of my favorites.

I did put up all our pictures from Las Vegas on my facebook page.  If you want to check them out.
You can find them HERE.

I did realize when we got home that I took some of the same shots during the day and the night.  So I put them into one photo to show the contrast.

This is the view from our hotel room.

This is the view looking up at the hotel from where we parked.  We parked at the very top of the parking structure and could see our car from our room window.

This is looking out from our parking spot. 

This I believe is the stratosphere hotel.  Which happens to be the hotel Jacob and I stayed at the very first time we ever went to Las Vegas so many years ago. 

Now I am sure you are tired of my pictures from Las Vegas. I need to get working on some of my crafty projects I am working on. 

Where was the most recent place you went on vacation?  Or did you have a staycation? 

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Las Vegas... day 2

Our original plan for Friday night was to get us all fed, the little 3 asleep and go do a little gambling.  Ya so that was obvious it didn't happen lol. 
On our way back to the room from Dennys on Friday night, Jacob did stop so I could snap a few pictures at night. 

(this one below is actually the view from our hotel room window)

So Saturday morning we had to plans for anything but we did have to be checked out of our room by 10 am.  We wanted to be on the road home at a farely decent hour, especially since Jacob had to go to work on Sunday morning.
So Jacob told me to go gamble a little first thing that morning. I didn't want to go by myself but thought I would stick a few bucks in while I went down to get us some breakfast.  I didn't win anything but maybe 10 bucks off my $5 I put in. 
So I got us some Krispy Kreme donughts and headed back to our room.
On a side note the glazed blueberry donught was AH-MA-ZING! It was so good!
So after we ate our donughts we all showered and packed up all of our stuff. 
We then loaded up the car and drove down to the lowest level.  We decided we would check out then we would have some lunch at the pizza place since we all said it had sounded so good since the night before. 
So we checked out and went to have some lunch.  But they didn't open until 12 and it was only 11:30.  So Ryan and Marcus took the kids up to the carnival again and we sat to gamble just for a few minutes and we would all meet at the pizza place in 30 minutes. 
So we gambled and had a few minutes of us time which was nice. 
We didn't win anything.
So we had a great lunch, and the kids asked if they could play for a bit longer.  So we decided that they could and we gave them some more money for games.  We decided we would play for a bit longer too. 
We played and won a little bit this time.    I cashed out my ticket first with $80.00.  I was happy with that.  I had lost my original $20 playing, and then when I sat down to watch Jacob play he gave me a $5 to play with and that is what I won the $80 from.  So I was happy with that. 
Jacob played for a bit longer and cashed out with $55.  So overall we did pretty good. 
After we cashed out we decided to head home.  None of wanted to leave but we needed to get on the road so it wasn't midnight when we were getting home.
I do have to say the weather was perfect the entire time we were there.

Overall it was a great trip and I am so glad we got to get out as a family for a few days. 
I will do another blog post on some of the cool buildings I took pictures of. 
This however is what we got to see on our way home. 

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Our Las Vegas trip... day 1

{DAY 1}
Ok so in February, yes February we went to Las Vegas.  We had to take my mom and step dad to the airport so we decided that since we were going we would make it a very mini vacation for us.  We don't get out much these days so I was just excited for a day away from home.  We ended up staying 2 nights and it was so much fun. I miss it... 
When we first decided that we were going to stay I started looking around for cheap room rates.  I found a great price for Thursday night at Circus Circus
The chepest rates (which were all amazing and great rates) was from a site called vegasview.com .
 On Friday morning I booked the room for that night as well. 
We got there Thursday night pretty late as it was.  So this way we could have an entire full day and part of Saturday as well. 
Thursday night we checked in, then we were all hungry so we found a McDonalds down the road and drove through and took it all back to our room. 
Our room had a very nice view. We were on the 13th floor. 
So we got up early on Saturday with no real plan but we knew we wanted to go to a few places.  We wanted to take the kids to the M&M factory for sure.  We thought about taking the kids to see the Lions at Mandalay Bay but just wanted to have no definate plan so it could be as realxed and easy going as we wanted. 
First thing we did was find some breakfast.  We just made it easy and went to Rock & Ritas inside the hotel.  Not the best food or service, so definately not worth the $75.00 it cost us either.  But who would have known. 
We hit the M&M factory first after breakfast.

It was pretty packed in that store which made it not as fun to just walk around and browse.  The kids still thought it was cool.  We went all the way to the top floor and went looking for a bathroom.  We ended up in an arcade.  We told the kids we would stay there for a little bit and let them play a few games.  I think we ended up staying there for over 2 hours.  But it was so much fun, for all of us. 
(left)Daddy tried to win Chloe a Hello Kitty stuffed animal in the claw machine, but just couldn't get it.
(right) Chloe wanted to play the same jumping game that Ryan played.  
     The games were so bright and colorful on the littler kids side.  
Marcus drove some cars in a machine that looked like a helicopter.

 They had a bunch of pool tables in a room and I thought the room was pretty cool looking.  We were waiting for Jacob to get us some points on the card to play some more games.

(left) Caleb driving a motorcycle game.  It was no suprise they wanted to drive these games.  Right up their alley.
(right) Jacob driving on his motorcycle game.

While I was finishing up playing a few games with the little ones, Jacob was racing cars with Ryan and Marcus.  We walked over there and each of the little ones got into a car with them.  It was really cute.  So they were all racing together. 

After this we weren't sure what we were going to do exactly, but were starting to get hungry. 
So we left the arcade.  Outside we walked past the Coca Cola store. I love that huge looking coca - cola bottle.  We actually rode the elevator that was in there. 

We saw some street characters and stopped (and had to pay) to take a picture with them.

Then we decided to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe.  We thought we would splurge on this meal since we never get to go out as a family like this. 
Let me just say it was THE BEST FOOD EVER!!!!
The little 3 had macaroni and cheese and Ryan, me and Jacob had a cheeseburger and Marcus had a chicken sandwich.  It was amazingly good, not just the food but the atmosphere was awesome as well.

This was the aerosmith light up thing on the wall.  I would have loved to walk around the entire place taking pictures of all the cool and amazing things they had all around. 
Outside there were even barely dressed girls that I made Ryan and Marcus stand with for a picture.  The first one I took on the way into lunch was too bright ( I forgot to change my camera settings) so I had to pay them again for another picture.  The boys didn't want to take a picture with them, but I made them as part of our Vegas experience lol. 

Then we went back to our room for a little break.  We all laid down for a bit and watched some television.  After our good meal we needed a good nap to go along with it. 
We knew we wanted to take the kid to the circus at the hotel that night and go to the carnival upstairs as well. 
So after we relaxed for a bit we decided to walk around downstairs and get the kids a few cheap souviners to take home and then go to the carnival. 
We found them some cups to take home and a few things for me as well. 
We took them to the carnival and had so much fun up there too. 
We walked in and the first game that Jacob tried he won Chloe a HUGE ladybug pillow pet. 
We played tons of games and the kids won all kinds of little stuffed animals. I even won a stuffed bear at the water balloon pop game. 
It was great to just have some family tother time. 
We let the kids watch the circus, which wasn't all that great.  We could barely see and from what we could see it was just as like the lady kept changing her clothes.  Nothing majorly impresive, but the kids liked it. 
So after that it was getting late so we were starting to get hungry.  We decided to just go back to our room and order pizza to be delivered to our room from the pizza place inside the hotel.  So we got to our room and ordered a few pizzas and hot wings.  (only $43 so we thought that was a great price) and it would come right to our room within 45 minutes. 
40 minutes later they call and say the electricity is out and the ovens don't work on the generators.  So they had no idea when they would be back on and if we still wanted it they can deliver to our room up until midnight. 
Which explained why the cable was out too!
By this point we were all starving. So we get into the car and decide to find something, anything to eat.  We opt for Denny's just right down the road.  We go in and they are packed as well.  Guess thats normal for Vegas, right? 
So we get seated and order, but the kids are falling asleep so we ask him to make it a to go order.  So by the time we get the kids up to put them in the car and wait it was ready to go already. 
We took it back to the room and ate, and out we all went. 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

HAILEE name banner

This past weekend was my neice's 6th birthday party.  When they were little I made both of them name banners to match their rooms.  Well they have moved and their old ones are at their dads house, so I decided it was time to make some new ones for their new house at thier moms. 
My sister in law Jamie is doing their room in hearts with the colors pink, teal, orange, yellow and purple.  So that is the direction I went with the banner. My first original idea was to do hearts instead of triangles, but I just loved the triangles so much more that I went with that and then added hearts to them as well. 
I love this one so much.  I can't wait to make Hannah hers.  I think I am going to make Chloe one too and then I am going to make my soon to be neice Lily one as well. 
Then I am going to make my sister in laws boyfriends daughters each one as well. 
Guess I should get to crafting, thats alot of name banners lol. 

Have you made anything to decorate your kids rooms?