Random Ramblings: CRAZY busy

Saturday, March 10, 2012

CRAZY busy

Gosh I am so slacking on my little blog here.  Life has been so darn busy lately. 
Lets see what has life kept us up to...

* 2 weeks ago we drove to Las Vegas to pick up my parents from the airport and drove home the same day. 
* Little Jacob's 7th birthday party
* 2 days we helped our good friends move
* 3 different days we helped my sister in law and her boyfriend move
* Sister in laws birthday party
* 2 facilitator meetings at Ryan and Marcus' school
*Jacob's doctor appointment
* Re-arranged our family room
* Completely cleaned out our horribly messy and disorganized closet
* photo sessions
* made some cards for a friend of mine for her sons school
* Thrift store shopping (my new Friday addiction)
* Coupon shopping

And so many other little things in between there. 
I have several projects lined up to work on so I am  hoping I will have some fun stuff  to share with you. 

What has everyone else been up to lately?

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