Random Ramblings: Las Vegas... day 2

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Las Vegas... day 2

Our original plan for Friday night was to get us all fed, the little 3 asleep and go do a little gambling.  Ya so that was obvious it didn't happen lol. 
On our way back to the room from Dennys on Friday night, Jacob did stop so I could snap a few pictures at night. 

(this one below is actually the view from our hotel room window)

So Saturday morning we had to plans for anything but we did have to be checked out of our room by 10 am.  We wanted to be on the road home at a farely decent hour, especially since Jacob had to go to work on Sunday morning.
So Jacob told me to go gamble a little first thing that morning. I didn't want to go by myself but thought I would stick a few bucks in while I went down to get us some breakfast.  I didn't win anything but maybe 10 bucks off my $5 I put in. 
So I got us some Krispy Kreme donughts and headed back to our room.
On a side note the glazed blueberry donught was AH-MA-ZING! It was so good!
So after we ate our donughts we all showered and packed up all of our stuff. 
We then loaded up the car and drove down to the lowest level.  We decided we would check out then we would have some lunch at the pizza place since we all said it had sounded so good since the night before. 
So we checked out and went to have some lunch.  But they didn't open until 12 and it was only 11:30.  So Ryan and Marcus took the kids up to the carnival again and we sat to gamble just for a few minutes and we would all meet at the pizza place in 30 minutes. 
So we gambled and had a few minutes of us time which was nice. 
We didn't win anything.
So we had a great lunch, and the kids asked if they could play for a bit longer.  So we decided that they could and we gave them some more money for games.  We decided we would play for a bit longer too. 
We played and won a little bit this time.    I cashed out my ticket first with $80.00.  I was happy with that.  I had lost my original $20 playing, and then when I sat down to watch Jacob play he gave me a $5 to play with and that is what I won the $80 from.  So I was happy with that. 
Jacob played for a bit longer and cashed out with $55.  So overall we did pretty good. 
After we cashed out we decided to head home.  None of wanted to leave but we needed to get on the road so it wasn't midnight when we were getting home.
I do have to say the weather was perfect the entire time we were there.

Overall it was a great trip and I am so glad we got to get out as a family for a few days. 
I will do another blog post on some of the cool buildings I took pictures of. 
This however is what we got to see on our way home. 

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