Random Ramblings: Las Vegas... Hotels and Buildings

Friday, March 30, 2012

Las Vegas... Hotels and Buildings

One thing I think everyone knows for sure about Las Vegas is there is no lack of cool things to look at. 
I love all the detail and beauty of so many of the hotels and buildings.  I thought I would share some shots of some of my favorites.

I did put up all our pictures from Las Vegas on my facebook page.  If you want to check them out.
You can find them HERE.

I did realize when we got home that I took some of the same shots during the day and the night.  So I put them into one photo to show the contrast.

This is the view from our hotel room.

This is the view looking up at the hotel from where we parked.  We parked at the very top of the parking structure and could see our car from our room window.

This is looking out from our parking spot. 

This I believe is the stratosphere hotel.  Which happens to be the hotel Jacob and I stayed at the very first time we ever went to Las Vegas so many years ago. 

Now I am sure you are tired of my pictures from Las Vegas. I need to get working on some of my crafty projects I am working on. 

Where was the most recent place you went on vacation?  Or did you have a staycation? 

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