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Sunday, April 29, 2012

{ MAJORLY MIA...} with good reason

(here he is after surgery.  This is how high up his cast goes) 
 I know I have majorly been MISSING IN ACTION.  But I do have good reason. 
I talked before some about my son who had hip and ankle surgery a few years back, and then fell in the backyard back in January.  You can read about that HERE
Well since he fell back in January, he hasn't been able to walk the same.  It took some time for us to get an appointment at Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles.  We finally did for late March.  We went and they took the normal x-rays.  The doctor came in and checked him out and even before he looked at the x-rays said he knew that his hip was out of socket.  WHAT!!??!!  So he said he was going to have to do surgery to put it back in since it had yet to do it by itself.  Then since he was going to do hip surgery he wanted to do some more work on his ankle  since it wasn't progressing along as well as hed like.  First he wanted him to have a CAT SCAN of his hip since it is more of a 3D image and he can get a better idea of what is going on inside the hip area. 
It took a few weeks to get that appointment and then we went back to see the doctor a week later.  That day he said he wanted to do the surgery as soon as possible and was able to get us in at Cedars Siani Medical Center (which is the other hospital he works with).  So it was set.  HOLY  MOLY.. My brain was going a million miles an hour at just the thought. 
Dr. Kay told us that depending on how much work would have to be done on the hip would determine the kind of cast he would have to wear.  If there was more work that needed to be done then he would have to wear a cast up to his chest down to hold the hip completely still.  That really had me worried. How would our little guy be able to lay flat for almost 2 months.  I figured it would be a long 2 months, but just wanted to wait to see how it all turned out before I really started to panic. 
So his surgery was then scheduled that day for Friday April 20th. 
We came home and I needed to talk to his school and his teacher about him missing the rest of the school year.  With casts on there is no way he would be able to go back before school was over.  So I had to fill out all the paperwork for him to be on home school for the rest of the year. I talked to his teacher and she said after his surgery she would come over and bring all of his work that way she could explain to me some of the work for him. 
We then had to figure out a hotel for Jacob and the other 2 little ones, and figure out what we were going to do with the older boys.  Life seemed to be moving at warp speed. 
We decided the older boys could stay home since the doctor said we would be coming home on Saturday, the day after the surgery, just like last time. 
Then I found a cheap hotel but close to the hospital.  This wasn't an easy task since the hotel is in Beverly Hills and some of those hotels are EXPENSIVE.  But I found a decent one for them for the one night. 
Jacob had to work the night before the surgery so we thought it would just be better anyways to drive down the morning of the surgery.  Let me tell you that night I could not sleep at all.  I had so much nervous energy. I cleaned the entire house, did 6 loads of laundry, packed our bags, packed the kids bags, packed some snack bags for us while we sat and waited during the surgery, packed up the car, printed out the directions... you name it I found it to do.  We needed to be out of the house by 3AM and I set my alarm for 2AM to make sure we had it all and were ready to go. I didn't go to bed until 12:45AM.  The alarm came so fast that is for sure. 
We all got up and we were on the freeway by 3:35am.  That was still good timing. 
We had to be to the hospital between 5 and 5:30am. We were parked and checking in at 5:10am.  So we did great with timing. But I guess when you are on the road at the wee hours of the morning that can happen. 
After that it all seemed to happen so fast.  They took us up to register right away, then we didn't wait long and they took him back for pre-op stuff.  We got him all ready in his gown after they measured and weighed him.  Then the doctors aid came in and talked to us.  Then the anistegiologist came and talked with us.  Then our doctor came and talked to us.  Then we saw the anistegiologist again and this time brought his sleepy meds.  Then right at 7:15am they wheeled him off.  The doctor said he thought they would be done around 12:00.  It was going to be a long morning.  They did take our cell phone numbers and said they would call us with updates. 
There was no waiting area for kids so we had to hang out in the cafeteria at this hospital.  My mom and step dad were there and entertained the kids while Jacob and I were up with little Jacob before his surgery.  It actually was nice being in the cafeteria area.  There was tables and chairs and the kids didn't have to be quite as quiet as in a normal waiting room.  We colored and dosed off and ate and snacked and did whatever we could to pass the time.  My step dad took Caleb shopping at the shops outside the hospital. Chole took a forever long nap in her stroller too. 
Finally the nurse from the operating room came and told us to head up to the surgery waiting room in about 30 minutes. We did and we waited for a bit and the doctor came out and found us. 
He said everything went great.  He had to put the hip in place and sew some tendens together to make sure it stays that way. On his ankle he took out the screw from the first surgery, took some other bones and fused them together to make it face forward more and put some pins in the front to hold it in place while the casts are on. 

His cast goes up to his stomach.  Not as high as we had first thought, but still too high for him to sit up all the way.  He was upset at first that he couldn't sit up or lay on his side, but he is now adjusting and doing better.  His pain is doing great as well. 
We got to come home on Saturday and we are adjusting to life as we know it now. 
I didn't leave the house for days and days and days.  My wonderful husband was doing all the going to for stuff we needed and making all the trips to the grocery store.  :) 
On Monday we got his wheelchair and he likes that too.  Its hard for him to sit up much in it, but he likes it to get him around the house just to see what is going on in the other room.  Or out in the garage too. 
We finally made our first trip out of the house just yesterday. Even though Jacob has been doing the grocery shopping we decided we needed to get out of the house.  So we did some big shopping so we don't have to go again for some time.  Caleb pushed Jacob through all 3 stores in his wheelchair while I pushed Chloe in the shopping cart.  That helped alot. 
Now we are just on the road to recovery.  He is in great spirits considering everything. 
Thank you to all our friends and family for all the prayers, thoughts and get well wishes.  We appreciate them so very much.

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