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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


 { C R A Y O N   W R E A T H }

Since the end of the school year is almost here I thought I would share the crayon wreath I made for my little guys Kindergarten teacher last year.
It was alot of fun to make and she loved it when we gave it to her.

You start with a cross-stitch hoop and a few boxes of crayons.
I had a bunch of boxes of crayola crayons sitting around the house so I used those, becuase in my opinion there is no better crayon than crayola crayons. 
Now what I did was a trial and error.  I first started just glueing the crayons on and I didn't have good spacing.  I also was trying to do all the red together then all the orange together...etc.  And that is wehere I ran out of space at the end and wasn't going to end up with some of the colors on the wreath.  And I tried to glue them further down on the hoop and the circle was not round. 
I am telling you this so hopefully you don't make the same mistake as me. 
So I did end up having to carefully pull all the crayons off my hoop and start all over.
This time I decided to do a row of red, orange, yellow, green...etc and then start over again so that it would be colorful all the way around. 
I found the ruler ribbon at Joanns and I cut the apple out of my silhouette. 
I then cut little triangles and letters of the teachers name.  I made a fun banner across the wreath with her name on it.  And I have to say those tiny little banner letters are so darn cute. 
 I tied in some string and tied some crayons in there for some added fun decorations. 
I also tied the ribbon to the hoop so that it can be hung up.
It was alot of fun to make and any teacher would love to get a fun gift like this. 


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  1. Of course the teacher loved it- do you think she would act like she didn't?