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Thursday, May 31, 2012



I am in the process of making Chloe a little red, white and blue dress.  I decided to major spring clean the house in the middle of it, so it sits unfinished still.  But I am hoping since it is so far before 4th of July (ok not really since it is practically June already). 
But when I ran into Target a few weeks back I grabbed these blue sandals for her so they could match her new dress. 
Then I had a great idea (ok I kind of had the idea in my head before I bought the sandals I just wasn't sure if I would actually get to it)
But I did.  I needed to get to Joanns for some red and blue thread so I couldn't do much on the dress anyways, so I decided to work on the shoes. 

It started with these from Target.  They were only $2.50 and I often see them on sale for only $2.00.

Now I took my fabric about 3 inches tall and cut quarterish inch strips.  I am not one for measuring exactly and since I knew I would be trimming it all up in the end I wasn't too worried about being exact. 

I cut the fabric from the two patterned fabrics and then from a solid red I had laying around here.  Then just take the strips and start tying them onto the strap of the sandal.   

You just continue all the way around the shoe strap until it is full of fabric.  Then I gave it a little haircut.  Just random so that they were all about the same size and not as tall and wild as when they were when first tied on.   

They were really that simple.  I did this entire pair in about an hour from cutting the strips of fabric to tying them all on.  I can't wait to make her more of these in all different colors. 

Have you spruced up any shoes before?

Now if I can get that dress done anytime soon I will be doing great. 

~ N I C O L E

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