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Friday, May 25, 2012


I have all my pictures taken it just always seems that I get behind on editing and posting my {mantooth 365} photos. 
I got all caught up for 3 months and am once again behind on editing and posting them. 
Such is life... 
But I did finally get some actually printed out to go in my binder.  YAY ME!!  Then I ran out of one color of ink in my photo printer... Always something. 
But tomorrow I am going to grab some more ink.  Then maybe, just maybe I can get all caught up with putting them in my binder as well.  Ya we will see. 
Tonight Ryan made fried chicken and mashed potatoes and gravy for dinner.

Marcus decided that since Ryan made dinner last night, he wanted to make it tonight. He made tacos, refried beans and spanish rice.

Then this morning Jacob made us breakfast. It was fried eggs, hashbrowns, sausage and bacon. It was so good

My salvation army finds. A mirror for our room, hanging flower baskets, jeans, summer jammies and a sweater for Chloe, 2 pairs of capris for me, a jacket for Lily and a tank top for Jacob and Caleb. All this for $20.00. I love thrift store shopping, especially on half off days.

Dinner at Aunt Jamies new house with the girls

Jacobs prescription for new meds.
The doctor is really keeping on him.

The gas prices are getting out of hand. At this rate we wont be leaving our house for anything ever. I hope they go down cause this is going to kill us.

Flowers blooming on the trees in the backyard. Signs of spring in the air.

I rearranged the family room again today. I couldn't stand the tv on the other wall because with the blinds open the sun glare made it hard to watch tv. I am really liking this new arrangement.

Chloe wanted to make sure she got every last drop off her plate. She had sour cream on her plate and she loves sour cream. Funny thing is that she was eating it with pizza rolls. Silly girl.

Wheat bread. We have switched to wheat bread since we are trying to eat healthier and loose weight.

Kids doing a giant puzzle on the kitchen floor.

This is grizzly. We have had this dog the longest. He can be a pain, but he is a good dog. I feel safe when it is just me and the kids home knowing hes out back. And he is one crazy dog. He doesn't play with balls, he plays with rocks., big rocks. He carries them around and throws them in the air and goes to catch them.

Our routine for when we go down to Children's Hospital of Los Angeles, is having lulnch at McDonalds before his appointment.

How are you coming along on your Project Life?

~ N I C O L E

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