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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Playing catch up on my {mantooth365}

I have been doing so good with taking my picture a day, but not so good at keeping up with the journaling.  After Jacob's surgery I had some time to sit on the couch with him, so guess what I did.  Yes, I organized them all and wrote out the journaling, and added the date to all of the pictures. 
It sure feels good to be all caught up finally.  I was starting to get worried that I would forget what each picture was about.  But I didn't :)

I won't overload you with 3 months worth of pictures, so I will just do a few posts with them. 

{mantooth365} February 2012

My new camera. It was on layaway with Sears. Jacob said he wanted to go get it off layaway and when I told him we could wait to make the last 2 payments he said no and got right on the freeway. Thank you so much for my new camera babe. I ♥ it so much.

Wontons. I had never had wontons like these until I met Jacob. His mom gave me the recipe and now we have them at home, instead of just at her house. We all love them and I make tons when I do make them.

Im a list maker. I make lists for anything and everything. I sometimes even write the list over a few times, just so I can make sure the list is complete.

Chloe is such a daddys girl. She doesn't care what he is doing, she is right there as his little shadow. Today he was working on some stuff in the garage and she laid down to watch him. It is pretty cute how she follows him around.

Marcus studying his drivers ed class online.

When we got up this morning Caleb was already up and had eaten every last piece of fruit in the bowl. I am glad all the kids love fruit so much, but he could at least save us some too.

Me and the kids working on a playdough spiderman art thing I got at Target on clearance for .42cents. It was fun doing a project with the kids. We had fun doing it together and after it dried and got hard, we hung it in their room.

I had several photo shoots this week. I loved being so busy. This is how I set up my little home studio. It stayed this way for the week.

Only 3 of the kids actually go to school, but I make 4 lunches in the mornings. Caleb likes to feel included and have lunches made for him too. However when I do make him a lunch it never lasts in the fridge longer than past breakfast because he can't wait to eat it.

Sweeping. A must do everyday around this house. Sometimes it is required two or three times a day.. not that it gets done that often, but still.

Today was Don's 60th birthday party. It was fun that we were able to celebrate the day with him.

Jacob got money for his birthday so today I took them to Walmart. Not only did he spend his money on himself, but he bough Caleb and Chloe something too. He spent his entire $50.00 on 2 remote control quads and a doll for Chloe. I love that it was his idea completely on his own.

She loves her Minnie Mouse camera. A girl right after her mamas heart for sure

The card that Jacob got me for Valentines Day. ♥

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