Saturday, May 26, 2012


I told you I was going to get all caught up posting these pictures. 
Posting them really makes me want to get them all printed and into my binder.  I can't wait for next year to start adding memorabilia to the binder as well.  I don't want to do it for this year since I haven't been saving stuff so only the last half of the year would have it, and not the beginning.  Oh and I don't have the envelope pages this year either lol. 

Yesterdays appointment at Childrens Hospital left little Jacob feeling a little worn out for today so he didn't go to school. Daddy told him he had to go rake the backyard if he wanted to stay home so he went out back and started to rake it up. Daddy was joking :)

I got Jacob a grilled chicken salad from Toms for dinner tonight. We took it out to him at work. That is alot of chicken and it sure looked so good.

St. Patricks Day. Today we put corned beef, potatoes and cabbage in the roaster and Jacob took it to work to feed his crew

Grandma (Jacob's mom) bought Caleb his very own tomatoe plant since he LOVES tomatoes. He loves taking care of his own little plant

When Jacob is on swing shift I put the kids to bed, then come here to my desk in our room. I edit pictures, or do something crafty

Chloe and her baby dolls. She loves her babies. Oh and her purse too. She holds her babies bottles in her purse so they don't get lost. Lucky for this baby it still has her clothes on, unlike many of her dolls.
Fajitas for dinner tonight. YUM. I love the bright colors of the onions and peppers all mixed together.
This is Chloe's new craddle. It was mine when I was a baby. I recently came across it out in the shed. I had forgotten all about it. I glued the broken part back together and I plan on spray painting it white and making a cushion for it. I can't wait to give it to her.
Daddy enjoying some dinner with the kids, at Chloe's table. I love moments like these, it is what the kids will remember forever. ♥
Spray paint. I ♥ spray paint. It gives a new life to something old.
Netflix. I love our netflix. We watch it through the wii and we get movies in the mail too.
Our house. We love our house. We have great landlords on top of it which makes that even more wonderful.
Jacob's working on the dead grass situation too.
This afternoon Marcus called me and said they were on their way home early from track practice because Ryan had fallen and been hurt pretty bad.
He was racing another kid and tripped and hit his chin and then his head on the cement ground. He was pretty scratched up and sore. I asked him if he wanted to go to ER and he said no. His eyes were not dialating at first, but after a day or two of rest he was doing much better.
He was more upset about loosing the race since he fell than getting hurt.
Me and the kiddos make chocolate chip cookies today. We added Easter M&M's for fun.
The kids wanted to help me make dinner tonight. We were making jambalaya and they did a great job stirring. I love when they like to help.
I ♥ Target. Target is the store I shop alot at. It is my favorite place to coupon shop and it is close to home. I wish they would make my Target into a super Target, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.
Caleb and I got into a water fight today. I started it, and I started it in the house. We started with just the squirt guns, then as he walked up the stairs I dumped a cup of water on him. It escelated from there and it ended when I turned the hose on him out front. It was fun.

Are you getting your photos printed for your Project Life? 

~ N I C O L E

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