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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


The end of the school year is coming so I have been thinking alot about what my little man was going to give his teacher this year. 
Last year I made his kindergarten teacher a crayon wreath.  Ill have to go find the pictures of it and share it on here. 
But I knew being in 1st grade it needed to be something "older" for his teacher. 
The first thing I have made for her is this subway art.  I am LOVING subway art lately. 
So I created this.
It has words that have to do with his class and his teacher directly and some words are just general words as well. 
I printed it out on some glossy photo paper. 
Let me tell you at first I printed it out on regular white cardstock and then on the glossy paper and the color sure pop so much more on the glossy photo paper. 
I am going to either find a frame I have here ( I have alot that are brand new in closests just calling for me to use them for something) and if those are not big enough then I am just going to go to Hobby Lobby and buy a pretty black frame with matting for this. 

I want to do some other things for her as well.  She has been great through Jacob's surgery and even brought him a stuffed giraffe from their zoo field trip since he couldn't go. 
So since she made him feel special I want to make sure she feels special. 
We will make a trip to visit the class again closer to the end of the school year so he can give it to her and say goodbye to the class.  By then he will have his big cast off so it will be fun for the class to see him once again in the smaller cast. 

So I have a few ideas... Let me share with you some of the inspiration I have from looking around online so far.

 LOVING these cups from Lisa Storms.

How cute are these chalkboard mugs from Hi Sugarplum!

I also thought about some teacher note cards..
We will have to see what my creative brain can come up with.  Im really loving the coffee mug. 
But I love the other cup as well. Maybe one of each. So for hot and cold drinks??? 
Well I am still playing around on pinterest so we will just have to see what other amazing ideas I can find. 

What are you making for your childs teacher, for the end of the school year? 

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