Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Today I wanted to share with you one of my new favorite spots in our home.  It isn't a place to sit, or hang out or anything like that, but it is a place that place that holds alot of love.
It is my new black frame collage photo wall.  It is the downstairs hallway.  It has been many many things since we moved here 2 years ago. Watch let me show you... 

We moved here on July 9, 2010.  (Wow has it really been that long already, sometimes it feels like a lot longer yet sometimes it feels like we just moved here) .  
I was excited and wanted to decorate it all up.
I put this table there and had plans to put some stuff on the wall above it.  

It sat like this for a while, undecorated.
Then it quickly became a storage spot for all the kids toys.  Like a mini playroom. 
This isn't the best picture of it, but you can see over there to the left of the stairs it has the baby gate and then it is filled with toys.  

That didn't last too long either because I really did not like it that way. You couldn't walk through there, and it was such a tiny space that they toys quickly took it completely over.  

So then I got a grand idea to build a desk into the spot.  
It was a good little desk, but alot that I didn't like about it either.  The desk was a smidge too low and hard to work at, especially with the laptop.  Then if you were sitting there, the kids always wanted to walk past but with the chair out, it didn't leave for much room.  I could not get the shelves to stay on the wall.  I am sure I could have hung them better or with some butterfly screws in the wall, but it just seemed like too much work.  It just wasn't functioning well like I had hoped it would.  It rather seemed to be the catch all for unfinished projects, junk mail... all those sorts of things.  So I wasn't loving this anymore at all.  
So finally I took it all down and apart.  Then I moved a bookcase into this spot with intentions to get a few more and line the wall with them.  But the bookcase sat there, with the hampster for a few months and then got moved into the dining room when I changed that around and moved some furniture.
So there it sat actually for once empty since we moved in.  I hung a frame up on the wall just for the heck of it and instantly this idea came to me.  Why don't I hang ALL my photos here.  One of the main reasons I still had hardly any pictures hanging up since we moved in was that I didn't want  them spread all over so no one could see, but I had other plans for the stairs.  So this was the PERFECT spot to put all the frames up so I didn't have to just pick the 'perfect' picture to hang, now I could hang tons of them.  I collected all the black frames from every room in the house and set them all in the hallway.  Then I just started hanging.  No plan in mind ahead of time.
Just picked up a frame and found a good spot for it.  I absolutely love how it came out.  Now I THOUGHT I had alot of black frames, but once I got them all up on this HUGE wall it seems like I barely have any frames.  So I can't wait to get more frames to fill up much more of this space.  (Well ok I promised my husband I would fill all the blank ones before I ever bought a new frame :) )
I have been filling them slowly.  Just going through pictures and printing them as I find the ones I want to hang up.
I love this spot that holds all these family memories.  That is why it is my favorite spot in the entire house.  I will often stop when I am walking up the stairs and just stare at all the pictures.  

(see what I mean about in size proportion with the wall.. and even here you can't tell as much.  It is a very tall wall ) 

Here is a view from looking down on part of the stairs.  

I can't wait to get all the rest of the frames filled with pictures and start collecting more.  I figured I will even start looking at thrift stores and garage sales for frames, because I love me some black spray paint.
I love how the wall came out so much that I even started a white one in the littles ones room.  I only have one picture frame in white up at the moment, but I will start adding to it as I find more frames.  

Where do you hang your pictures in your house?  

~N I C O L E 


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