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Saturday, June 16, 2012


I know that by now most kids are out of school. My kids "official" last day was technically yesterday.  But the older boys turned in their work at the first of the week and little Jacob's teacher came here to test him and get his school books, so he was done Tuesday as well. 
I wanted to get this posted last week, but it just never happened. I only finished it on Monday night before his teacher was coming so that I could give it to her fresh. 

I first saw the idea on PINTEREST .

The idea I saw came from hi sugarplum HERE

Well I went to the dollar store and of course they had no good white coffee mugs.  The one and only perfect mug they had was chipped.  I was bummed.  Well I never made it back over there or to a different dollar store across town before I needed to finish the project so I thought I would just look around Target when I went one day.  The white mugs they had were, less than desirable and pretty small.  So I found this clear mug at a decent price and  picked it up. 
Here is how I made my mug. 

This is the paint I already had on hand. I got it some time ago at Joanns. I believe it was only $5.99 and I used a -50% off coupon.  So it was only around $3.00. 

I of course could not find out painters tape either so I used scotch tape.  I  know that isn't the best thing to use, but hey I was in a crunch and needed to get it done.  I just taped up what I didn't want painted and then all across the top of the mug so no paint would get it. 

I left it sitting out in the hot sun for most of the day so it could dry.  Once it was completely dry I peeled all the tape off.  It came off very easily. 

After that I set the mug aside and made a batch of popcorn. I melted some white chocolate in the microwave and added some green food coloring to it.  I put enough popcorn in a metal bowl and poured the green chocolate over it and mixed it up really well.  So that the popcorn was covered in the chocolate and mostly green. 

After it cooled off enough I bagged up the popcorn into a little clear bag I had and put it inside the mug. I tied it up with a little gold ribbon I had as well.  I then wrote her name in chalk on the chalkboard part of the mug. 

Looks so pretty all bagged up. 

We gave it all to her with the FRAMED TEACHER SUBWAY ART  when she came to test little Jacob and she loved it all. 

Well I know since it is too late for this year, but maybe you can use this idea for next year. 
My kids are all officially on summer break now, so I need to come up with some projects for the summer. 

What are your summer plans? 

~ N I C O L E

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