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Wednesday, June 20, 2012


and how to FLASH FREEZE. 

Do you know how to flash freeze?  I did, but had never done it before.  Until the other night.  We had burritos for dinner and since we had quite a bit left over I thought Id give it a shot. 

F L A S H     F R E E Z I N G

Flash freezing is the process in which you freeze food so that you can store it in a freezer bag without the items freezing together as one item or the toppings on an item don't come off and freeze onto the freezer bag. 
You place individual items unwrapped into the freezer for about 20 - 45 minutes, just until the contents are frozen enough to not get all over the bag or freeze together. 
After this process you then put them all into a bag and place back into the freezer until you are ready to use them.  This is great for making ahead things that can be cooked one at a time, such as burritos. 
Next I want to try it on meatballs too. 
. . . . . . . . . . .


* refried beans
*taco meat
*shredded cheese

N O T E :  You can really make these with any ingredients that you would like.  You can take out the meat, or even add shredded meat as well.  I just would not add any topping ingredients like tomatoes and lettuce if you add them because they will not freeze well. 

1.  Start will filling your burrito with your beans and meat and cheese. 

2.  Fold one side of the tortilla to just cover the filling. 

3. Fold in the "corners" of the tortilla so that the filling won't spill out.   Then fold it over to close up the burrito. 

4.  Place all the folded up burritos onto a pan that will fit into the freezer and still let the door close. 

5.  Place the full pan into the freezer and let them freeze until they do not fall apart or come open. 

Mine stayed in for about 45 minutes becuase I forgot about them. I checked them at 20 minutes and they were still a bit too soft. 

After that I took a gallon sized zip lock baggy and wrote the date on them and what kind of burritos they were and put the bag in the freezer.  (they are all gone already because the kids have been eating them for lunch almost everyday since)

I think one day this next week I am going to get all the stuff to make a bunch of  these and just make them for the freezer.  It is alot cheaper than buying those bags of frozen burritos from the grocery store.  And even better, you know exactly what is in them. 
I am excited to get a bunch made for the freezer. My kids love burritos and it will make for some quick and easy summer lunches. 

Do you make ahead food for the freezer?

~ N I C O L E

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