Thursday, June 14, 2012


I was SO excited when I found out the boys would be going to prom this year. Not so much excited for the cost of it all, but excited for a chance to take some pictures of our handsome boys and their beautiful girlfriends.
The first spot we went to, we got kicked out of but we went to another spot I had in mind and I am actually glad we went there because I loved the way the tree hung down and framed them for the pictures.
Jacob had to work that afternoon so I took the boys to pick up their tuxes, we stopped and got new earrings and then took them home to get showered and dressed. I helped them with the final touches of getting dressed and then we went out to see their dad so he could see them all fancy and dressed up too. Then we met the girls for pictures.
I did get teared up a few times. To see the boys so grown up and growing up into fine young men.
The wind was so crazy this day I was so afraid that we would not be able to get any good pictures, but I am so very happy with the ones we got. So much that I already have some up on my new ’black frame collage photo wall’ .
I can’t wait to do the girls’ graduation pictures this summer too.
Here are a few of my favorite ones from our session.

I think they looked gorgeous and I am glad they had a great time. 

HERE is the link to all of their pictures. 

~N I C O L E

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