Saturday, June 2, 2012


Ok so I have to admit that I am SO far behind on planning this birthday party for my little man. He is going to turn 5 on Monday and his party is next Saturday.  I always always plan way ahead and then before I know it, it creeps up on me and I am so far behind that it isn't even funny .  Yes this is me yet once again. 
I got his invitations made and printed out.  I guess that is at least a good start. 

(ok I don't know why it looks like there is writing under the black strip above the bar code because there isn't and they did not print this way either)

When I asked him what he wanted his theme for this party to be he rambled off a million things.  Then he narrowed it to monster trucks, motorcycles, dirt bikes and quads.  So I thought that was a bit much so we narrowed it down even more to just monster trucks. 
I came up with the invitations and thats it so far. 
My mother in law is making the cake like she does for all my kids birthday parties. 
I am still unsure about the food even... oh help me!
I do have one idea for the food actually.  We were thinking bacon wrapped hot dogs, then making a topping bar and people can make their own hot dog concoctions.  I thought we could put out
 grilled onions
ungrilled onions
 nacho cheese
 spicy mustard
 honey mustard

 and whatever else I can think of.  Then of course we will have fruit becuase that is his all time favorite thing in the entire world. 

I have found a few ideas on pinterest of course.
This is from Eventful Possiblities.  I really love the chocolate donuts as they look like tires.  I also love the jello.  I might make some jello too. 

These are from Posh Tot Events . I love the black balloons used in a circle to look like a tire. I love the cut out tire under the cupcakes. 

This is from I.D. Mommy .  I love the inner tube that looks like a tire.  Now if I could only find these somewhere.  No luck so far. 

Well since the party is just a week away, I guess I need to get creative and get some stuff started .  I need to get up in the cabinet and see what we have already for parties.. sometimes I forget what we already have on hand. 

~N I C O L E

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