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Friday, June 22, 2012



A few weeks ago I finally got the red white and blue ruffle dress finished that I wanted to make for my little Chloe. It seemed to just take forever because I would work on it in my spare time.  So I would only get a little done at a time.
It turned out exactly how I had imagined it in my mind. It love when that happens. 
So I started with the basic pillow case type dress.  I don't like making the arm edging so most of the dresses I seem to make her end up being strapless and I add some kind of ribbon for the straps. 
So I did the basic strapless dress with a white piece of fabric.  Then I took 3 long strips of fabric.  First I sewed a hem on each of them. 
Then I started with the blue fabric.  I pinned it on and made sure they were very full ruffles.  That is what I wanted, big full ruffles. 
Then I took the red strip and pinned it on above the blue.  I pinned it so that you could see enough of the blue strip but not the entire blue strip was showing. 
On the final white strip I hemmed both sides of the strip since you would be seeing the top edge of that one.  Pinned that on and sewed it on as well. 

Then I tried something totally new that I had never done or even attempted to do before.  SHIRRING.  I first ever read about it on a blog called Make It and Love It.  You can find the post I read about shirring HERE. I had no idea you could do this on a regular sewing machine. I always thought you had to have one of those fancy smancy sewing machines. I was pretty excited.  I had asked my mother in law about it after I read that and she happen to be at Joann's a few days later and picked me up some of the elastic thread. 
I was so excited to give it a try.
( Don't look too close because there is defiantly a lot of mistakes and my lines are no where near straight. ) 

So I did rows of red then blue then red then blue. Now it wasn't nearly as stretchy as I thought it would be so I didn't want to get it too tight and not be able to stretch over her.  So I need to definitely practice on that one some more.  It was fun though to see it gather together like it did when you were sewing with it. 
When you shirr something, you use the elastic thread on the bottom and normal thread on the top. 

So after the ruffles were on the shirring was done I needed it to be able to stay up on her .  It wasn't that tight so some kind of straps were necessary.  I went in search of something in my ribbon stash and found the perfect ribbons.  Red and Blue in the exact colors of the dress.  It also added a bit more splash of color at the top of the dress since the shirring wasn't that bold. 
( I just tied a knot at the end of each ribbon color to keep it from fraying )

I just attached the ribbons on the dress and then I tie them together.  Pretty simple for straps.  I love using ribbon as straps. 

Then the dress was complete.  I LOVE this dress so much.  She loves it too, she loves dresses.  Now they go with her RED WHITE and BLUE sandals that I made for her.  In case you missed that post you can find it HERE . 

( Here she is modeling the dress and sandals for me ) 
After I took these I did add a bow to the middle of the dress right at the bottom of the shirring.  It just adds a little something extra. 
I love so much how the dress came out.  Now I am no expert seamstress by any means at all. I know I probably did most of the things wrong, but it worked for me at this moment. I should learn to do them the right way, but hey if it ain't broke, why fix it, right?  Right!

I found some Red White and Blue hair bows to match for her as well. She looks so cute and I can't wait for her to wear it on 4th of July.  Although I have had her in it already and people compliment us every time we are out. 

Thanks for taking a look.  This dress was so much fun I definitely would love to make her another  one sometime soon. 

It makes me feel like a clothes designer...  :)

~ N I C O L E

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