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Sunday, July 15, 2012


Some time ago I bought this clock from a yard sale.  It was only $4.00 ( I think)  maybe it was only $3.00.  Either way still a good price.  I loved the look of the clock, but I wasn't so fond of the silver rim it had.  So I thought there had to be some way to take it apart and spray paint it.
It was so easy to take apart. I unscrewed the tiny screws on the back and just pulled off the silver rim. 

After that I took out the silver rim and spray painted it black.  I chose glossy black since the cream part had mostly a shine to it as well. 
Look at that reflection in the silver rim.  No likey!  

After the painted dried I just put it all back together and walah, like a brand new clock.  I loved it before, but I love it SO MUCH more with the rim painted black.  

I love the little seconds counter on the clock.  Love that added little detail.
This clock was the entire inspiration for the new look of our downstairs bathroom.  I am in the midst of changing the colors and moving some stuff around.  I took down most of the wallpaper border and moved a big black cabinet in there.  I need to paint, as soon as I figure out what color I want to paint....  But more on that later.  

Tomorrow we are off to get little Jacobs cast off at Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles.  I am so excited to see his foot.  He will be out of all his casts now and gets his new foot brace tomorrow too.
I know he is going to be sore for sometime since it will be the first time he will be actually walking on his foot since his surgery.  If you want to read his story, you can read it HERE .  

I really need to get working on updating my project life pictures too...  I swear there is NEVER enough hours in a day. Maybe I should look into sleeping even less...  :)  

~ N I C O L E 

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