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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

{ FROZEN SMORES } recipe

First thing first I want to wish everyone a
The recipe I am sharing with you today would be a great one for 4th of  July.

Several weeks ago we were at my sister in laws for dinner.  After dinner she gave the kids ice cream  and pulled out these for the adults.  I wasn't going to taste them since really I can't have them ( I am diabetic) but I just couldn't resist a few bites.  And let me tell you I am glad I did, they did not disappoint at all.
So I just had to have the recipe. I knew these would be a hit at our house as well.  Maybe even for birthday parties, or just because kind of treats.
I am thinking next time I will make several batches and then stick them all in a gallon sized baggy to store in the freezer.  Then they would be handy for when you want to pull them out.  One or several.

Let me show you how to make them, and I will share the recipe with you as well. 

Here are all the ingredients  you will need.

<< First step which I forgot to take a picture of is mix a .3 oz box of instant chocolate pudding according to the directions on the box. Then mix that with half a tub of cool whip.  I stuck it in the fridge after that while I worked on the rest of the stuff >>

1. Mix the butter and smoshed up graham crackers.  Microwave until the butter is melted.  
Notice they don't have to be graham cracker dust, chunks are just fine.
After the butter is melted, mix it up well until all the crackers are covered.  

2.  Layer the mix in each of the lined cupcake spot. Take something that fits on top and smoosh the mix down a bit to form the crust.  

3. Mix the chocolate chips and whipping cream and melt them in the microwave for 30 seconds.  Once mixed up well put a spot on each crust.

4.  Place some marshmellows on top of the chocolate mixture.  

5.  Top with the pudding/cool whip mixture.  

Place in the freezer until firm.
Once you are ready to serve just take them out of the freezer and let them sit for a minute.  This makes them much easier to get out of the muffin tin holes.  Or if you want it right away, just take a butter knife and it will help you pop it out of the spot immediately.

Then enjoy.
They are pretty darn good!

Here is the full recipe.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . 


1/3 cup butter
1 package of graham crackers (9 sheets)
1/2 cup MINI chocolate chips
1/4 cup whipping cream
1 small box (.3 oz) instant chocolate pudding
cool whip

1.  Mix pudding according to the directions on the box.  Mix with half a tub of cool whip.  Stick in the refigerator until you are ready to use it. 
2.  Mix melted butter and smooshed graham crackers and place in bottom of each lined muffin cup.
3.  Mix chocolate chips and whipping cream and microwave for 30 seconds.  Stir until well combined.  Place on top of each graham cracker crust. 
4.  Sprinkle each cup with marshmellows.
5.  Top with pudding/cool whip mixture.  Give the muffin pan a few taps on the  bottom so the pudding mix with kind of seep through the marshmellows.  
6.  Place in freezer.
7.  Either eat them all or transfer them into a large zip lock baggy and store them in the freezer.  

Man they are so good.  Let me know if you try them, and what you think.
Or if you have another version similar to these I'd love to see your recipe too.  

~N I C O L E 

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