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Monday, August 13, 2012


I LOVE day planners!  There is just something about having all of my life stuff organized into one place.  Well in the past recent years I have been buying the premade ones like I posted about HERE .
I have been known to buy a new one at the start of a new year, and then buying a new one 6 months later, just because I like it so much better.  
Well they have always worked out good for me, but I always felt like they were really lacking in the full organization area for me.  But it worked until I came across one that I really liked and thought would work for me.  What I loved most about those planners was that it had the full month view and then a weekly spot where I could write in more detailed information from each day if I chose to. 

While doing some back to school shopping on several different occasions at Staples I came across some of the Martha Stewart day planner accessories .  It got me to thinking, well here I go I can just customize mine the exact way I want it to be.  The binder isn't too huge, but big enough that I can get alot of stuff packed into that thing. 
So I got alot of supplies and got started to building my own customized day planner. 

I got blank lined pages to fill up all my sections, 2 sets of calendar pages, an address book with abc tabs, dividers, highlighters, and a pocket and little tiny post it like type tabs. 

This is what it looks like after it is all put together.  I am a visual person, so it had to have all kinds of different colored tabs. 

When I divided it up, I did 5 main catagories and alot of sub catagories. 
My main catagories are

~MONTHLY~ {where I have the months calendar and then the weekly detailed pages as well .  I still highlight everything in both the monthly and weekly sections and the highlights are colored coded as follows 
YELLOW - bills due
PINK - appointments
GREEN - work schedule and paydays
ORANGE - birthdays and holidays
BLUE - all school related things {days off, minimum days etc..}
PURPLE - Nicole Mantooth Photography stuff

~NOTES~ {blank pages for notes, grocery lists...etc.}
{sub catagory
* Christmas 2012 - where I keep a list of all the people I am buying gifts for and what I have already bought.  I write down ideas of things I think that person would like, or things that I am going to buy for that person.  Then if I have a gift, I highlight it so I know it is already bought and in the closet.  Easy to help keep track when I am out and find great deals on things. 

~BUDGET~ {sub catagories are
* Bill Contact Information - phone numbers, account numbers and all bill related info I need when calling a bill or for making a payment

* Bills Due - a list of bills due each week and the amounts

* Budget - a work in progress

~ALL OTHER~ {sub catagories are
* Nicole Mantooth Photography - all things related to my photography buisness
< a sub catagory in this section is a list of my picture of the day >

* Blog ideas and schedule - ideas for this blog and a schedule of when I posted it

*Website login information - usernames and passwords for different websites
*Menu Planning - to plan the weeks worth of dinners to make for much easier grocerry shopping

* Party Planning - all things related to parties coming up I am working on in the family.  I write down ideas to food I plan to make to the guest lists.  At the moment my sub catagories here are
< Ryan's 18th Birthday 8/2012, Chloe's 3rd Minnie Mouse party 01/2013, Jacob's 8th Birthday Party 02/2013, Jamie's Wedding 9/2012>

~CONTACTS~ {tabs with abc with all of our contacts phone numbers and addresses}

I am really loving my new day planner so much. The only thing that stinks right now is that I could only find a calendar that started for January 2013 so I am using my old one right now until the end of the year, then I am  all over this new planner.  I love being organized and having it all in once place.
My next organizational project is going to be our new filling cabinet.

How do you organize your day to day life events?  

~ N I C O L E 

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