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Friday, August 31, 2012


I wanted to make my boys new teachers some kind of gift for the first day of school.  I had a few ideas floating around in my mind, and then of course I saw something on pinterest and fell in love with it and knew instantly that was what I wanted to make for them. 

Here is the link to the pin I first saw. 

I took pictures of how I made it, but somehow I think I deleted them.  :(
But it is pretty easy to figure out.

I took and empty aluminum can and washed it out real good.
Then I hot glued yellow pencils around the entire thing.
You can't see but then after I glued a green ribbon around the center of the pencils.
I found these large apples at Hobbly Lobby and thought they were exactly what I needed to add to them and write the teachers names on them.  

I got the pencils and the red crunchy paper at the dollar store.
After I put these together I put some green floral foam inside each of the cans.  This would hold the treats in place.
I took oreo cookies and put a sucker stick inside each one.  Then I dipped them in red or green melted chocolate and froze them to harden quickly.

**on a little side note... I don't know if it was the triple digit hot temperatures we were having that week, but it took me 4 attempts to get the chocolate to melt correctly.  It would be perfectly creamy and then bam just like that it would be too hard and clumpy.  I think it was getting to hot and burning.  It was a disaster and I almost tossed the entire project out the window.  I tried melting it in the microwave and also doing with a dounle burner over the stove, with the same results.  So I did have to work very fast**

After they were cooled I took a small piece of stick pretzel and glued it on with some of the melted chocolate to look like the apple stem, and used air head green candy for the leaves.
I ripped off a piece and shaped it to look like a leaf. I then
wrapped them in a small clear bag and tied it up with some thin green ribbon.  I arranged them in the can and then added the crunchy paper and it was that easy.  I love how cute they are.

I think the apples with their names on them are a cute little added touch.  

I know that little Jacob's 2nd grade teacher loved the gift becuase she stopped me the next morning to thank me.

Do you make your kids teachers a gift for the first day of school?  

~N I C O L E 

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