Random Ramblings: { WOOD BLOCK PHOTO FRAME }

Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I ran into Ross one day last week to look for school shoes for the little boys.  I found some great shoes that they loved, and I also found this stand that I loved too, and for $3.99 I couldn't pass it up.  I knew when I put up the bookcase behind the couch in the family room that I wanted something just like this to hold a picture on top of it. 
So I bought the stand and figured I would just find the perfect frame for it later on. 
Well that later on came the very next day in fact.  But not so much in the form of a frame, but a piece of wood.  I was at Hobby Lobby getting some black thread and I came across this block of wood with an amazing shape. 
I had a great idea the second I saw it.  It was a great price too at only $2.99. 
So I bought it and brought it home and spray painted it a flat black.  In this heat wave we have been having here in southern California it dried in minutes.  But I still let it sit outside overnight just to make sure.  Then the next morning I spray painted the back side since you can see it too. 

Then I made my 5 kids and my oldest sons girlfriend and her twin sister all sit in the grass in the front yard so I could take their picture for this project.

After I took the pictures I took some course sandpaper and sanded the edges of the painted board. 

Then I printed the picture in black and white in 8x10 and trimmed it down to fit on the board.  It ended up being about a 7x8 size I believe. (don't quote me on that one) .
Then I took some corner turns and brads and I just hammered the brads into the board. The wood was soft enough they went in very smoothly without any trouble.
I just put the picture inside the photo turns, without glueing the picture down.  This was it gives me the option to change the picture whenever I feel like it.

I love so much how it turned out, and it was such a inexpensive project too.  $2.99 for the wood and $3.99 for the stand.  The spray paint I had on hand and the sandpaper too.  Then I printed the picture at home as well so that was free too.  Under $8.00, not bad I say.  

~ N I C O L E 


  1. Cute idea. I like the fact you can change out the picture if you want.

  2. What a clever idea. You can change them out any time and for any season. Love the stand!!