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Sunday, September 16, 2012


When little Jacob was in kindergarten he was bringing home so much art and papers that I knew I had to find a way to store it all.  So at the time I took 2 hooks and some string and hung them on the wall, and tied the string to each one.  I used some colorful plastic clothespins that I found to hang up all the work.  It worked for us that year, but it just wasn't what I wanted.  So I wanted to come up with a new idea. I had a bunch of ideas in my mind, even saw a few cute ones on pinterest.  But it just never got made...  Then last year he was in 1st grade and didn't bring  home as much art stuff, so we just continued to use the string.
Then I changed all the stuff around in the hallway and it got taken down.  
Then came August 20th when little Jacob started 2nd grade and our little Caleb started kindergarten.  Back to getting stuff home everyday.  So I decided to put those floating around into actual.  To actually make a physical product from an idea.  

I went to Home Depot and looked at some wood.  I once again ended up getting a fence board because it was straighter than the actual "normal" pieces of wood.

I brought it home and spray painted it black.  No fancy spray paint here, I used the .97cent cans from Home Depot.

Late that night I brought the painted board in and layed it down flat on the pool table.  I took my stack of clothespins and brought out my E3000 glue.
I glued them on right down the board, spacing them evenly.

Then I took some picture hanger hooks and nailed them to the back of the board.

Then I hung up the board right in the spot I knew I wanted it to go.

I LOVE how it turned out and I can't wait for the kids to bring home more art and school work 

This was one quick and easy and cheap project.  

How do you hang your kids school work?  

~ N I C O L E 

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