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Friday, September 7, 2012


I have loved these curly ribbon hair clips for quite some time now.  I made an attempt at them a few years ago, but they were a flop. I figured out the problem though right after I attempted them.  I didn't use grosgrain ribbon.  

So with all the sewing of fun cute little dresses I was making for Chloe this summer I wanted to make some hair goodies that matched.  Now all the ones I have ever seen are clips, but clips just don't stay in Chloe's hair, so I knew I wanted to make them using rubber bands.

I found a big bundle of colored rubber bands at Target for super cheap.  So I got those and used a few to make these.  

Start by taking a dowl and some wood clothespins and some grosgrain ribbon in the colors of your choice.  

You can either wrap the ribbon on the wood dowl tight and close together or spaced out a bit more.  The looser you wrap it the looser your curly ribbon will be.  
I chose to wrap mine on the tighter side.  Don't cut your ribbon, but start by attatching it to one end of the dowl with a clothespin.  Then hold the ribbon and spin the dowl to wrap it all the way down to the other end.   Then cut and secure that end with another clothespin.  
Do this to as many as you want.
Place them all on a baking sheet without letting the ribbons touch.  

Have the oven preheated to 200 degrees.
Place the pan of ribbon in the oven and let them bake for 20-40 minutes.  I found that doing it for 20 minutes and they were not quite set as I wanted.  
Once you are done, take them out and let them cool completely.  

Once they have cooled completely, unclip both sides and slowly pull out the dowl.  You will end up with long  tubes of curled ribbon. 

I then took one tube at a time and folded it into 4ths.  Nothing precise and exact, just eyeballed it.  

Then I took my rotary blade and just cut at each fold. 

Then I had 4 shorter tubes.  Again nothing precise, just close enough is good. 

I continued to do this with all the colors that I had. 

Next I picked 2 of each color and layed them out. 

Then I had some thin white string laying around so I slipped a long piece under all of the lined up ribbon. 

I just took both ends of the string and just tied it like I would knot a shoe lace.  I made sure the knot was nice and tight.  Then I cut off the extra string. 

Then you just add them to your childs hair.  I often will use a tiny clear rubber band for her ponytails and then add the fun bands, because they seem to stay in her fly away hair better that way.  

I have made a ton of these in all kinds of colors.  

Who would have thought baking ribbon would make them do this.  Brillitant.  Makes me wonder who first thought to put ribbon in the oven wrapped around wood dowls.  :) 

Have you ever made and of these?  I see so many out on the internet that the possibilites are endless.  

~ N I C O L E 

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