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Saturday, September 1, 2012


Since school just started we are trying to get used to our new daily routines. So what does that mean? Of course I get more behind on my lovely blog.  But now that things are becoming more normal I think I just may be able to find more time to visit here.  YAY!
That is as long as I can stop cleaning the house while the boys are in school.  I don't know what has come over me lately.. oh I think it is just the fact that I can clean the entire house and it actually stays clean for more than 5 minutes, it actually stays clean  for HOURS, yes HOURS at a time while they are at school.  I think I am just enjoying that so much that it is causing me to over clean the house everyday.  Im sure that won't last too long lol.

So I thought I would share some instagram pictures with you.  I am a little addicted to taking instagram pictures. I just love instagram.  What a fun way to share pictures.  

So since I had to add them to this blog post from my phone, it put them in wacky order, so they are in no particular order .  

This was Jacob, Ryan, Marcus, my father in law, brother in law and future brother in law.  They came over for fried chicken for dinner and were out in the garage working on the dirt bikes.  

This was the same night and all the kids playing on the stairs. 

My brother and sister in law were down while my brother had some work to do down in this direction.  So we met them and my mom and dad at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner.  It was so great to see them and my niece Lily.  

Green beans from our own garden. 

Me and Chloe relaxing watching Strawberry Shortcake after a day full of cleaning the house.  

My little Caleb's first day of Kindergarten.

Little Jacob all ready to learn at his desk in 2nd grade. 

A dress I sewed Chloe.  

Corker hair bows I made for Chloe.

Beauty and the Beast has become Chloes new favorite movie and she was watching it non stop on some days.  During summer they would often watch it when they got into bed each night too. 

Ryan concentrating as he works on his driving skills.  Let me tell you that having your sons drive you is sure nerveracking.  

My handsome hubby in all his new riding gear we got him that day.  

Enjoying the nice summer evenings with some fudgepops. 

Living in southern California we rarely see any rain. So it was nice to get several summer storms this year. 

Cousins after we had gone to lunch during a summer storm.  We had to eat with most of the electricity out and it was kind of exciting.  

Ryan turned 18.  

The boys first day of school.  Chloe says she goes to school everyday too. 

Teaching little Jacob how to play checkers.  

Jacob sitting on his new dirt bike. 

Me and the kids on my birthday.  My mom took me to lunch and I had her take this picture for me. 

We were at my sister in laws (soon to be new house) and they have tons of apple trees so her girls picked me a bunch.  They were great for the kids school lunches this past week.  

Teacher gifts.

The girls also found me fresh eggs.

Out riding in the desert and making smores by the fire before we went home.  

This is Chloe's new way of sleeping lately.  As soon as I lay her down, she automatically covers her face.  

I am not a drinker, at all.  Anyone that knows me, knows this.  But when I was at the grocery store these looked pretty good so I wanted to try them. YUM.  

Icee's on a hot day for the kids. 

I made 18 mini zuchini breads.  

Chloe told me to lay down one morning, then she got out the lotion and rubbed it all over my feet. 

Ryan and Marcus got their drivers permits on the same day... eye yi yi.

New hair cuts before school, given by daddy.

Marcus with his permit.  

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~N I C O L E 

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