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Monday, September 3, 2012


Happy Labor Day.  Do you have any big plans for the extra day to the weekend?  Are you going to do any bbqing?  One year I would love to have a big Labor Day party and have all our family and friends over and my BBQ extraordinaire hubby could BBQ us something yummy. We would play games and have lots of good food and yummy desserts.  Maybe one year...  But not this year.  I am actually looking forward to just relaxing this year. A day off from school for the kids so no getting up early.  My  hubby is on graveyard, which sucks, but tonight is his last night on this shift, so that is at least good.  

Now on to some quick and easy fun stuff.  

 I love being able to take something old or unusable and make it into something new again.  
So when I came across this sweater that was way to big for Chloe, and I didn't know anyone that could use it I had an idea. I loved the detail on the sweater and thought with the strings, it would be a super cute skirt.  

So I layed out the sweater and cut right under the armpit .  I layed it out and cut it with my rotary blade and ruler.  This makes it so easy to cut a straight line.  I folded it down and made the pocket for the elastic.
I measured Chloe's waste and cut the elastic to size and slipped it in and sewed the elastic together and then sewed up the rest of the skirt.  

Wah-Lah, it was really that easy.
Pretty much like an INSTA-SKIRT.  

Now I just can't wait for her to wear it.  I love knowing that I made a skirt from a sweater.  I have never done that before.

Have you ever re purposed an old item of clothing and made it into something else?

~N I C O L E 

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