Sunday, September 2, 2012


Have you ever bought the box of uncrustables at the grocery store?  Not me.  No way am I going to spend $3.00+ on a box of 4 of them.  That is a bit more than I am willing to spend.  For that I will just make the kids pbj's every morning for their lunches.  

That is until I found the "uncrustable" maker in the drawer recently and told myself I was going to make some  ourselves.  It is a cut and seal tool from pampered chef and I have seriously had it for years, and it has not gotten much use, because I always put it in the back of the "junk" drawer and forget about it.  But now I am glad I came across it.  

So I got a few loafs of bread at the store, I had peanut butter on hand and we have an over abundace of grape jelly on hand as well.
Let me take you through this super easy process.  It was so easy, it took all of about 8 minutes. 3 of which were stopping to take the pictures while I was doing it.  

First lay out all the bread and put peanut butter on ALL the pieces of bread.  That is one key to this.  The peanut butter will help the bread from getting soggy as it defrosts.  

Now put some jelly in the middle of half of the pieces of bread.  Mine looks like alot now that I look at this picture, but I had not really spread it around much yet.  

Now put the slices with just the peanut butter on top of the pieces with the jelly on them.  
So it really is just as simple as making a normal pbj sandwich, just with peanut butter on both sides of the bread.  

Now here comes the fun part.  Take this pampered chef cut and seal tool and center it on the bread.  Press down real hard, and pull away all the cut off crust.  I then push down on the center knob to make sure it gets a good seal.
I am not sure if that is the exact correct way to use it, if there is a specific exact correct way to use it, but this is what worked for me.  
Then lift it up and the sandwich will be inside the tool.  Push the center knob again and it will push out the sandwich.  

Now lay them all out on a cookie sheet and flash freeze them.  You can read about flash freezing HERE .

After they were all done freezing I added them all into a large gallon sized zip lock back, labeled it and stuck them all in the freezer.
For a FRACTION of the cost I made 10 uncrustables.  Not a bad deal if I do say so.  

Now if you do not have the handy dandy uncrustable maker you could always use a cup and seal the edges with a fork, like you would around the rim of a pie.  Or I have seen a cutter at walmart before too.  

Now they are all ready for the kids lunches and will save me a few extra minutes each morning when I am making their lunches.  Next time saving task I think I am going to do is sorting out their chips and desserts and fruit into baggies already. 

~ N I C O L E 

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