Random Ramblings: { 30 DAYS OF A THANKFUL YOU } DAYS 7 and 8

Thursday, November 8, 2012



 today I am THANKFUL for :

 Today I am thankful for technology. Technology has developed so much since I was a kid and I can only imagine how advanced it will be once the little ones are my age. The advancement in technology has allowed us to stay in contact with friends and family we would otherwise probably loose contact with. It allows us to share pictures ...
with family far away. It allows us to watch tv shows on our wii, and cell phones. You can watch youtube videos online for anything and everything you can even think of. Our cell phones are so smart they can almost have the conversation for you. I am amazed at how Chloe at only 2 years old knows how to turn on every electornic devise we own and actually know how to use it. I just can't even imagine what is yet to come.

{ DAY 8 : NOVEMBER 8, 2012 }

 today I am THANKFUL for :

 Today I am thankful for all the wonderful teachers little Jacob has had. All of them have been so kind and understanding . They have all been so amazing with all of the things we have to go through with his foot. Mrs. Umstead was just the most amazing kindergarten teacher and loved him so much. She is just an amazing teacher. She still ke...
eps in touch with us and she we see her everyday when we pick up Caleb. Mrs. Allende was so wonderful with little Jacob's surgery last year. She went above and beyond her teaching duties. Right after his surgery she called to check on him, she came to our house days after he got home from the hospital and brought him a stuffed giraffe from their zoo field trip. She called us often to check on him. Then she made special trips to our house to test him his school tests. She was great. Mrs. Fino is his teacher this year and has been so great with him this year too. She always asks him how he is feeling, gives him the option to put his foot up and understands that he is often in pain. When he misses school she has the class make him get well cards and sends them home with Caleb. Today she called and checked on him and said she misses him. I feel blessed to have had such amazing and wonderful teachers that truly understand all that my little guy has been through.

~ N I C O L E

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