Random Ramblings: { 30 DAYS OF A THANKFUL YOU } DAYS 2,3,4

Monday, November 5, 2012


We had such a busy weekend that I was barely on the computer even, I know huge shocker there lol.
But I still did have my daily thankfuls written down.  

Saturday we had some old friends, Eddie and Melissa come down and visit for the day from Tehachapi.  Jacob bbq'd some ribs and potatoes (so YUM).  Then we hung out for the day.  It was so a lot of fun.  We have known them for at least 12 years.  4 years ago they moved away and we have not seen them since.  So it was great fun reconnecting with them.  

So here is my catch up on my THANKFUL YOU...

{ Day 2 : NOVEMBER 2, 2012} FRIDAY

today I am THANKFUL for:

my kids. All 5 of them. They teach me things, and help me grow. They remind me to sometimes slow down and take the time to enjoy all the little things in life. They have made my life complete and they are my everything. They remind me to be patient, really patient. They have taught me a love that I have never known and a worry I have never known. They bring me joy, and happiness and a love like no other. There is no love like a mom for her children. Thank you my children Ryan, Marcus , little Jacob, Caleb and Chloe. I love you all!


today I am THANKFUL for:

Christina from our credit union. She has helped us with a lot of our banking/loan needs this year. To thank her I am going to send her a thank you card and a little starbucks gift card. I love being able to surprise people like that, with little acts of kindness they weren't expecting.

{ DAY 4 : NOVEMBER 4, 2012} : SUNDAY

today I am THANKFUL for :

Family time. Today we went out riding and it was nice to spend the day as a family. We don't get too many all day family days, so I truely enjoy them when we do.

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