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Thursday, November 15, 2012


Look I am actually posting a real project.  Yes a real project, can you believe it. Me either! :)
Life has been so busy that I only have half finished or not even started projects all around the house.  So finally I was able to finish this fun and super fast project the other day. 
It all started with a gift that is coming for our family for Christmas. My mom bought us all Disneyland tickets as our Christmas gifts (thank goodness none of my kids read my blog.  ;) )
So my mom and I had been talking about it and we wanted to make some kind of unique shirts for all of us that match.  So my brain had so many ideas I didn't even know where to start.
I couldn't use my silhouette for anything, since I don't have my SD anymore and waiting to purchase the Cameo.  So that was out.... so I needed something that I could do by hand and wouldn't take 6 months to actually get done, since I needed to make 8 adult ones and 4 kid ones. 
So after many ideas I finally came up with this one and I have to say I LOVE it so much. 
First I found a Mickey Mouse head picture online, saved it to my computer and printed it out in a small enough size. I then cut it out and traced it onto the back of some contact paper. 

Then I cut it out and peeled off just like you would a sticker.  Then I placed it right where I wanted it on the shirt. I pressed it down really hard so the edges would not lift up .

I found this paint at Walmart.  It runs around $5.00 and some change for this sized bottle.  It is made for screen printers.  Well I thought this would be perfect - the exact look of paint I wanted but didn't want to use a screen printer.  It will dry so that it is moveable without cracking. 
I picked up red to try this out with first. 

I had these Spray Pens from Close to my Heart that I knew would work out perfect for my grand idea. 

I VERY CAREFULLY put some of the paint into one of the spray tubes.  NOTE : do it slowly or it will get all over the place.

I started by spraying some onto the was paper I had under the shirt and then sprayed all around the outline of the contact paper so that it would create a spray effect onto the actual fabric.  It is pretty globbed on there to get a good crisp line of color where the contact paper edge is.
 (this yellow was just my practice at first just to make sure that this grand ideas was going to actually work )

After the paint was completely dry (overnight) I just simply peeled up the contact paper and it left the negative space with the red splatter around it on the shirt.  EXACTLY what I had envisioned in my mind. 

I am thinking for the girls I am going to do a little bling action around the shape too.  We shall see. 
I love that it came out exactly like I had pictured it in my mind. 
I can't wait to do all the rest. 
I am going to do the guys shirts in a whole body Mickey image and the girls will all be like this.  However my mom and I decided we are going to do it in white paint instead of the red.  We went to Target tonight and got all the sweatshirts for the rest of them.  Tomorrow I am going to go to Hobby Lobby and see if they have the paint in white so I can get started on them. 

I honestly don't know who is more excited about our upcoming Disneyland trip..oh wait that would be me since none of our kids know yet and won't know until Christmas day and then we leave the day after.  :)

Have you made shirts with screen print paint?  Have you decorated shirts before? I would love to see.

~ N I C O L E

p.s. Stay tuned for a BIG GIVEAWAY soon on the blog.  I can't wait to share with you! 

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