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Saturday, November 17, 2012


This summer I saw this fun idea on pinterest and knew that it was something me and the kids just had to do.
I went to Target and found the roll of Kraft paper.  It was in the envelope mailing aisle. 
It was less than $5.00.
I brought it home and unrolled a bit and made each kid lay down on it one at a time, with their arms out... like a hug. 
I used a different color marker for each one of them and just traced their upper half of their body. 
After they got up, I just cut off the paper from the roll and moved on to the next child.  I actually repeated with the same child 3 times before moving on to the next child.  I had plans of mailing hugs to 3 different family members. 
So after they were all done I cut them all out.  I colored in their hair with the same colored marker and I was going to have them color on their clothes, but we just ran out of time and I wanted to get them mailed. 
I included a poem with each one and had the kids sign them in their own writing too.  So it was that much more personalized. 
Then I grabbed one of each child and folded them up together and put them into a large mailing envelope and addressed them to their destinations. 

I mailed them to my neice Lily, who may only be 6 months old, but we miss her and they kids miss not being able to see their new baby cousin, hardly ever.  To my grandparents who live about an hour away and we wish we could visit more often than we ever get to. My aunt lives there too, so it was also for her as well.  Then to my other Aunt that we don't get to see often enough either. 
I was so excited because I knew that they were all going to be so excited to receive these in the mail, and knew my grandma would most likely cry lol. 
They got them later that week, and they all in deed did love them. 
If you want to really surprise someone far away, mail them a hug.  All the people that received them told me how much it meant to me that I took the time to send them a little something fun in the mail. 
Have you ever mailed a hug to anyone?  I think mailing kisses on Valentine's Day would be so much fun to.  Have the kids put on chapstick and kiss red paper and cut them out... 

You should try to send some love in the mail, it is really fun. 
~ N I C O L E

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