Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Today I thought I would share a little about how I match up my coupons with the weekly store sales.

Our grocery store ads come in the mail on Tuesdays.  So usually on Tuesday evenings I sit down with the paper and go through it. I circle the things that are good prices and also things that I know I have coupons for. 
Then I take out my paper and start writing it all down. 
I list the item and the sale price. 
Then if the item has a coupon to go along with the sale price I write that item down, then list what the value of the coupon is and then what price I would be paying after the reduction of the coupon. 
For example :

Let say it was for Hormel Chili...

* Hormel Chili $1.59
-.55/1 = $1.04each

If it is a coupon for buying 2 items I would write it like this

* Hormel Chili $1.59 x2 = $3.18
-.55/2 =  $2.63  ($1.32ea )

This helps me keep a rough total in my mind to know what I am going to be spending on each item and if it is a great price then I will stock up and use all of the coupons in my binder.  If it is an ok price, but I know the coupon doesn't expire for some time I will just decide at the store how many I am gong to get. 

The local grocery stores near me are closing one by one it seems.  They just closed Albertsons and last year they closed the Ralphs close to me. 

My main grocery store is Winco, which doesn't have an ad that comes each week in the mail but I shop there so much that I know a lot of the prices just off the top of my head.  And since I go so often I just take my binder with me each time I shop and as I see good deals I just grab them, or go back for them. 
I also shop a lot at Food 4 Less and Stater Brothers. I sometimes shop at Vons, but they are across town so the deal has to really be worth it for me to drive all the way over there.  :)

I have only shopped once or twice with my coupons at the Dollar Tree too. 

I am still so far behind on my coupon cutting, it isn't even funny how behind I am. 
But I will get organized again and be ready for a new start at the beginning of the year for some more coupon saving. 
I have a grand plan for 2013 to keep track of every penny I save with coupons and see how much we save over an entire year.  I can't wait to see the total in December 2013.  Want to play along too?  I think it would be a fun challenge for all of us to see what we can save over an entire year.  No penny saved is too small. 
~N I C O L E 

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