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Thursday, January 3, 2013

{ BREAKFAST SUSHI } : recipe

With Christmas break coming to an end I thought I would share a quick and easy, yet so yummy breakfast to help get back into the swing of school routine.  The first time I made these my kids gobbled them up so fast. It is filling too and sticks to their tummies until lunch time.  Lots of protein packed in there with the peanut butter.  
All you need are bananas, peanut butter, and rice krispies.  

By trial and error I found it much easier to poke the banana with a fork to hold it in place.  

Then take the back of a spoon and spread peanut butter all over the entire banana.  

Take the peanut butter covered banana and roll it in a bowl of rice krispies. 

Now slice it up.  It is much easier for the kids to eat the slices rather than trying to pick up the whole banana and getting a mess all over themselves.  I think both of my boys ate at least one and a half of these.
I tried them myself and they were very good.  I think we will be making these for the first day back to school for sure.  Which is Monday already...  


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