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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

{ HAPPY 2013 }

I sit here this morning and I just cannot believe that it is 2013 already.  Where did 2012 go I ask you? 
I always laughed at my mom when I was younger and she would always tell me and my brother , " The older you get, the faster the years go by. " I would just do the 'ya whatever' laugh and didn't believe her.
Now that I am an adult with my own family and kiddos, I know exactly what she is talking about.  Man do these years sure fly by.  Sometimes it feels almost like just in the blink of an eye and the year is over.  

With December being so incredibly busy for us after we got home from our little mini trip to Disneyland the few days after Christmas, the house... was a disaster with Christmas presents everywhere, laundry to be washed and laundry to be folded, trip stuff to be put away, Christmas decorations to be packed up and stored away until next year... and honestly it left me feeling a bit overwhelemed.  I didn't know where to start and for a few days I did none of it because I just didn't have it in me..
But then I got the itch and started to clean and organize it all.. the entire house that is.  
I am still in the process.  I started with the tupperware cabinet to make room for the new big set of tupperware my mother in law got us for Christmas.  I got that all organized and cleaned out and got rid of old tupperware and the lids with no homes.  Then I moved on to the pots and pans cabinet which got organized to fit the new pots and pans that my mother in law also bought us for Christmas.  Looks so nice and how amazing it is that you can find stuff when it is organized as such. 
Then I moved on to the downstairs toy box.  WOW.  Just from that one box I got one entire trash bag full for donation, give away toys and one entire bag of just trash.  
So then yesterday I ventured in to the kids room and went through 2 more toy boxes, and under the bed, tackled the closet and the clothes.  That was an all day ordeal for sure.  
But I got the toys all organized and the toy boxes straightned out, the beds moved around, moved the dresser into the closet, moved a bigger bookcase into their room, moved out the smaller one, moved in a small cabinet for the tv and made their beds and hung all their new clothes from Christmas.  
Moving the bigger bookcase into their room made more work in our room.  The bigger bookcase came from our closet that held all my couponing stockpile.  Anything from shampoo to cold medicine and deoderant.  So then I had to organize it all down from a big bookcase down to one half its size.  So I got that part done, but now the rest of the closet it thrashed.  That is my job for today.
My plan is to get everything in this house organized for the new year.  I sometimes feel out of sorts when things are such a mess and cluttered.

I guess if I had to choose a word for myself for 2013 it would be ORGANIZED .
I have 2 new day planners for the year that I will keep up on this year, and the house is going to be all organized,  and then hopefully that will help me stay on track with the blog as well, and all of the millions of projects on my to do list for the coming year .  

So here is to a great 2013 and I am wishing you all the same as well.  

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